Overcoming Engineering Challenges to Install Stunning Signage at The Yard Milkshake Bar in Ashburn, Virginia

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The Yard is a relatively new franchise company that makes gourmet milkshakes (along with other specialty items such as edible cookie dough and milkshake kits!). The new franchisee in Ashburn, Virginia is now located in corner unit in One Loudoun, Loudoun County Virginia’s Top Destination for Shopping, Dining & Entertainment.

lighted signageA new location for this franchise meant new custom signage, and the franchisee turned to Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics to help. The client needed to install a large illuminated projecting sign from the corner of the building.

However, this project wasn’t without its challenges. The biggest challenge was the engineering required to determine a feasible method of installing such a large sign (17 feet by 5 feet and weighing 750 pounds) on a brick veneer building façade.

A very creative and ingenious sign engineer looked over the building plans and determined that the two steel outriggers that were welded to the main corner building column—and were used as additional support for a large overhang—would also support the weight of the sign.

With this information, Legendary Signs commissioned the original building engineer to validate the loads to determine if signage in this area was feasible. Once the engineer verified the loads, the next biggest challenge was to take precise measurements for the shop drawings.

Once the signage was complete, it was time for the installation. It took an hour and a half to get the sign in position with a crane, then, the final challenge was drilling holes in structural steel—it took six hours to drill eight holes in half-inch structural steel plates.

lighted signageHowever, once the Legendary Signs team installed the LED cabinet sign with marquee-style channel letters and push-through acrylic letters, the franchisee and property management company were thrilled with the results.

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics was able to overcome the engineering challenges of this project to deliver striking, custom signage for this franchise location. This project demonstrates how no signage mission is too large for a Legendary solution!


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