What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Wraps?

vehicle wrap

Wrapping your vehicle to advertise your business has many benefits. Not only do you get to promote your company name and services every time you drive your vehicle, but you reach people you may otherwise not have been able to reach with your advertising.

Vehicle wraps are cost-effective, easy to change or remove, and provide you with a convenient way to reach more customers, all while conducting your daily business. Not to mention vehicle wraps allow your clients to easily identify your vehicle when you visit them on-site, giving a professional impression and reassuring your clients when visiting their home or business.

When deciding to wrap your vehicle, you have options. What are the different types of vehicle wraps you have to choose from?


decalsDecals are printed and cut graphics for your vehicle and require the least amount of vinyl, meaning they’re the most affordable vehicle wrap for you to consider.

Typically, a professional signage company will place decals on the cab doors of the vehicle as well as the side and back. Your decals will be customized to your specific vehicle to ensure they look nice and catch attention while your company vehicles are on the road.

Affordable and versatile, decals offer a way to advertise your business without paying too much. However, they come with the drawback of not being as eye-catching as other vehicle wraps on account of their size and limitations for graphics.

Three-Quarter Wraps

three quarter wrapWraps that cover three-quarters of the vehicle typically cover the sides of the car or half of the sides. These wraps are typically done for vehicles where you have the option of wrapping the doors and the rear of the vehicle, but not the hood or front fenders.

Signage companies typically design three-quarter wraps with a base color which is then overlayed with the colors of your business or branding. These vehicle wraps offer the benefits of attention-grabbing graphics and colors but with a lower price point than a full wrap.

Full Wraps

full wrapA full vehicle wrap completely covers the vehicle, excluding the roof. Wraps that include the roof tend not to last as long, and it’s unlikely customers would see the top of your vehicle anyway unless they’re in a higher truck or van.

These wraps are made with full sheets of vinyl that cover the entire car. The benefits include having the most impactful wrap, which gives you your best chance for catching the attention of people while on the road. These vehicle wraps offer the boldest design for the most return on your investment.

The only drawback is that full wraps are the most expensive of the vehicle wrap options, but when you consider the value for the price, it’s often worth it to go for a full wrap.

Which One Is Right for You?

Deciding on the right vehicle wrap for your business can depend on your particular industry, how much road advertising makes sense for your marketing needs, and even your vehicle. At Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, we can help you decide on the perfect vehicle wrap to showcase your business to the world while on the road. Contact us today at (571) 512-7446!


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