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If you need a sign to make your business stand out and make you look like a superstar then look no further. At Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, we know all the tricks in the trade to create custom business signs that help businesses grow. A sign might seem like a simple thing, but it’s your chance to make a really good first impression.

We take pride in servicing Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA, and have helped many businesses by creating commercial building signs, interior business signs, exterior business signs; all sorts of signs. So if you’re looking for business signs near you because you’ve got a great idea that you know will skyrocket your brand, then give us a call.

What is business signage?

Any sign on a business property is known as a business sign, including even some of those that are placed elsewhere (like vehicle wraps). You can support any of your business goals, from expanding your customer base to promoting your brand image, with the right kind of business sign.

As a top business sign-maker in the area, Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics offers custom business signs that are specifically targeted to your needs and goals. We can help you with sophisticated, eye-catching signs for any use, whether indoors or outdoors, temporary or permanent. Learn more about what we can offer you below.

Benefits of Business Signage

For starters, it’s one-time cost advertising that will last for years. Some of the biggest brands in the world are recognized instantly, just from their sign alone. You can create funny business signs, something unique, or maybe even something that will go down as legendary (Legendary Signs & Graphics: we chose this name for a reason). Imagine being the first person to create a sign for McDonald’s, or any brand that is now recognized worldwide; It all started with an idea for a great sign.

These are the benefits of business signs: they can take something simple and turn it into a household name. At the very least, they can increase business for local business owners. This is something we truly believe.

How to Use Business Signs

There are too many benefits of business signs to count. Most business signs will achieve more than one goal for you. Even the most practical signage solutions, like an exit sign that meets local safety regulations, are essential for your company. Signs that are greater investments, like a custom channel letter sign, can provide you with long-term benefits.

Here are some of the many ways that you can use a commercial sign to your advantage:

  • Branding: Put your name on the building, the wall, the display case, the shelf, or anywhere else it benefits you. Branding is one of the most essential functions of any business, and signs are a key part of any branding strategy.
  • Energy: What does your office or retail space feel like? Signs can help you generate the energy that you want and change the moods and minds of your clients, staff, tenants, or guests. Great designers will create sign strategies that keep your signs consistent in energy and tone.
  • Sales: Banners are excellent for capturing attention, while post and panel signs are ideal for providing event details and explanations. Employing a diverse range of sales-oriented signage methods can effectively motivate customers to make purchases.
  • Wayfinding: People need to navigate your space and signs help them. From large signs hanging over aisles to office door signs, we can get you the signs that you need to make your space more navigable.

Your Business Sign Options

There’s no need to be limited in your choice of sign type. We offer a wide range of signs that can fulfil any of your needs. The types of business signs that we offer include:

Interior business signs:

  • Acrylic signs
  • Lobby signs
  • ADA signs
  • Floor graphics
  • Restroom signs
  • Wall murals

Exterior business signs:

  • Metal signs
  • Pole signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Hanging signs
  • Engraved signs

Different Strokes for Different Folks

No matter your need, we’ve got you covered. We know how to create custom signs that will make your business proud. We know how to do storefront signs (these are very important), monument signs,  channel letters (these are becoming more and more popular); any sign you desire. Our priority is making you happy. How do we do it?

It’s simple: we focus on the customer’s needs. We start with a consultation and figure out where your business is at, and where it needs to be. Our business signage printing team is fantastic at listening to what you want, and they know what works and what doesn’t.

But even with their years of experience, your team knows that the best solution is to do what the clients want. It’s your business, and you know how to run it best, and you know what signs will work best and what won’t.

Get Started On a Sign Project that Makes a Difference

Now you know how easy it can be to create something that will stand out. So what’s holding you back? Every business has to start somewhere, but there’s always the potential for unlimited growth.

So look no further for any commercial sign companies to satisfy your needs: we’re the business sign makers you can trust. Proudly serving Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA. We want to make the entire state look great. Don’t rely on a company without years of experience, because whether it’s corporate signs or commercial signs, we’ve got the signs that will shine.

Feel free to call us at 571-512-7446 or contact us online through our contact page.

Why Choose Commercial Signs?

Not all commercial signs are made equal. If you’re getting the same general kind of sign that your competition has, then you’re not going to stand out. Instead, the best corporate signs are those that are entirely customized to your brand and your purpose.

You don’t just have a few options; you can completely alter any aspect of the sign you need. This allows for more creative and impactful signs.

Choose Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics Today

There are many commercial sign companies in Manassas, Washington, Arlington, and Alexandria, so why choose us? The team at Legendary Custom Signs& Graphics combines exceptional sign quality with fantastic customer service. Get all of the signs you need by reaching out to us today.


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