Projecting SignWhat is a Projecting Sign?

A projecting sign is a type of sign, typically used outdoors, that projects from the face of a wall. Usually, this is done by affixing brackets to the wall and attaching a sign panel to the bracket(s).

Uses for Projecting Signs

A projecting sign can increase a business’s visibility significantly. If you have a sign that identifies your business via text and/or a logo that is attached directly to the surface of your building, it can only really be seen directly in front of the building. But a projecting sign, especially one with graphics on both sides of the panel, can be seen by people from greater distances and multiple directions from your business.

Types of Projecting Signs

Projecting signs can either be affixed rigidly to their brackets or they can be hung from them.

Designed, Made & Installed Custom Projecting Sign

We can help you choose the right projecting sign for your business. A hanging projecting sign has the benefit of swaying in the breeze, because movement draws the human eye. However, if there’s frequently a lot of wind around your business, say if you’re situated on one of the windy streets in downtown Washington, then maybe a hanging sign isn’t the best choice for you. Ultimately, you must choose whatever you feel fits your business best.

Benefits of Choosing us for Double-sided Projecting Signage

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