What is an LED and Lighted Sign?lighted signage

LED stands for light-emitting diode. That means it’s lit but is very different from a regular light bulb. These lighted signs are known as different things, such as illuminated signs, electronic signs, lighted business signs, and neon LED signage. LED signs are one of the most effective ways to gain visibility that draws the attention of current and prospective customers while conserving energy.

What are LED Signs Primarily Used For?

There are many uses for LED signs. These signs are used in offices, on transportation, on streets, at concerts, sports stadiums, businesses, and shops. These custom LED signs provide the best visibility and have many benefits, including more revenue, cost-effectiveness, durability in all types of weather, attracting new customers, and being part of your brand.

Different Types of Illuminated LED Signage

There are different types of LED signs that cater to these diverse uses. Outdoor LED signs, indoor LED signs, custom LED neon signs, full-color, LED signs, tri-color LED signs, double-sided LED signs, and a combination of LED and plastic are just some of the options available when looking to have LED light signs in Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA.

Cost of Custom LED signs

The cost of an custom LED-lit sign varies based on the size, type of material used, and type. The best way to get an accurate estimate for the pricing of your signage is to contact us for a free consultation.

LED Neon Sign Company

If you’re looking for a company that can help design your LED sign in Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA, come to Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. As one of the premier full-service custom sign designers in the area, we take pride in making sure our customers get signage that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

We assist with consultation and design, applications and permits, manufacturing, installation, sign maintenance, and repair to add the convenience of a one-stop shop for our clients. Our consultations are thorough as we want to ensure your ideas are brought to life exactly how you want them. We take the time to listen, recreate, and polish your ideas, or come up with something you’ll love.

For more information on custom LED signs, contact the team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics today.

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