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LED stands for light-emitting diode. That means it’s lit but is very different from a regular light bulb. These lighted signs are known as different things, such as illuminated signs, electronic signs, lighted business signs, and neon LED signage. LED signs are one of the most effective ways to gain visibility that draws the attention of current and prospective customers while conserving energy.

LED Neon Signs With WOW Effect

Every great sign needs lights. LED lights specifically allow you to catch attention, even at night or in darker environments, without spending too much on utilities for the sign. LEDs offer a safer and more environmentally friendly way to add lights to any kind of sign, indoors or outdoors.

At Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, we are an LED sign company that offers custom LED signs that can catch the eye of any customer and help you get your message seen by more people. Below, we’ll explain the types of LED signs, what benefits you can expect from them, and potentially help you generate some ideas of your own. Or you can reach out to our team to discuss all of this with an expert.

Custom LED Signs for Shops and Homes

LEDs are light-emitting diodes, which are a type of light that produces more brightness, but less heat for less energy. That makes them safer, more environmentally friendly, and an excellent option for essentially any kind of sign.

In fact, there are many different types of LED signs. Most sign types that are made of aluminum or metal can have LEDs light added to them, which makes them more attractive and useful for different contexts, especially outside. Programmable LED signs are among the most popular type of lighted signs we offer because they are so versatile and valuable as a sign that can change, move, and display animation.

We also offer custom LED neon signs. These are illuminated signs that have LED lights but are designed to look like old neon signs. It’s the right option for businesses that want their signs to feel classic, old-fashioned, or retro, but don’t want the hassle and risks associated with neon signs.

What are LED Signs Primarily Used For?

There are many uses for LED signs. These signs are used in offices, on transportation, on streets, at concerts, sports stadiums, businesses, and shops. These custom LED signs provide the best visibility and have many benefits, including more revenue, cost-effectiveness, durability in all types of weather, attracting new customers, and being part of your brand.

More Revenue

According to research, neon LED signage can bolster business by up to 15-150%. Custom signs get your message across to a wider audience, increasing brand awareness and setting yourself apart from nearby competitors. These signs are especially appealing to younger audiences and can help generate a lifelong customer base. Visible from the street and throughout your interiors, depending on the type, these signs are impossible for visitors to miss and garner attention efficiently.


Custom LED signs emit significantly less heat than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. Since their light stems from diodes, this form of signage consumes less power as well, using about half the amount of traditional neon lighting. Over time, this results in substantial savings on energy bills.

Outdoor Durability

Regardless of weather conditions, our custom illuminated signs stand strong. Durable enough to withstand precipitation, extreme temperatures, and harsh UV rays, digital signs are built to outlast the elements and attract consumers year-round.


Since they can be seen from the street 24/7, 365 days a year, personalized LED signs provide your business with 24-hour advertising for a one-time cost. They also create instant brand visibility and recognition from afar. Indoor LED signs do the same while bolstering light, color, and definition within your business’s interiors.

Different Types of Illuminated LED Signage

There are different types of LED signs that cater to these diverse uses. Outdoor LED signs, indoor LED signs, custom LED neon signs, full-colour, LED signs, tri-colour LED signs, double-sided LED signs, and a combination of LED and plastic are just some of the options available when looking to have LED light signs in Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA.

Outdoor LED Signs

Differentiate your business from its competitors by creating a one-of-kind outdoor sign in striking neon. Illuminated from a distance, your business becomes visible to a wide audience and creates 24/7 attention from passersby.

The outdoor LED signs offer include:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Storefront signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs

Indoor LED Signs

These signs can mark specific spaces within the interior of your business, such as a reception desk or lounge area. They may also aid wayfinding by marking directions or advertise limited sales, promotions, and events. Use them creatively to create a unique experience for guests. Nothing can replicate the feeling of your company’s physical space, so create that feeling through vibrant LED signs.

The indoor lighted signs offer include:

  • LED wall signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Bathroom signs
  • Door signs

Custom LED Neon Signs

As an illuminated LED sign company, we’ll help bring your business’s mission, logo, or image to life in a wide range of brilliant colors and designs. We’ll work with you to design a custom creation that reflects your vision and is easily recognizable by customers.

Double-Sided LED Signs

Do double-duty with a convenient double-sided sign. A wise way to get the message across, these signs allow you to advertise two different messages simultaneously.

Full Color and Tri-Color LED Signs

Experiment with color in a way that customers can’t miss. Neon creates countless opportunities to use bold shades and designs to send out your marketing message. Implemented the right way, color, and lighting make all the difference. Business acrylic neon for shops is an effective advertising method that all customers can relate to.

Why Choose Personalized LED Letterings?

There are many different benefits of LED signs. In general, lighted signs always have a bigger reach than signs without lighting. They work in many situations, and contribute to the atmosphere, but also cost more and could be challenging to place or install (although we take care of that for you).

You can rely on lighted LED signs to provide these kinds of uses and benefits:

  • Better branding
  • Enhance the atmosphere
  • Add to the décor
  • Better wayfinding
  • Improve foot traffic
  • Enhanced communication

Our custom lightboxes and other lighted sign options can get you any or all these benefits. Reach out to our professionals for strategy advice.

Cost of Custom LED signs

The cost of a custom LED-lit sign varies based on the size, type of material used, and type. The best way to get an accurate estimate for the pricing of your signage is to contact us for a free consultation. Our LED signs for businesses make an impact, helping each business distinguish itself while acting as a convenient advertising and branding tool.

We are a most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs

We have considered every aspect of quality for LED signs for businesses, from the materials that your sign will be made from to the way the lighting will enhance your brand image. You can work with us on any kind of LED sign, including custom LED neon signs.

Any business in Manassas, Washington, Arlington, or Alexandria can reach out to us to discuss their custom sign. For more information, contact Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics today.

LED Neon Sign Company

If you’re looking for a company that can help design your LED sign in Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, VA, come to Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. As one of the premier full-service custom sign designers in the area, we take pride in making sure our customers get signage that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Our LED sign shop is well recognized for our attention to detail and solid relationships with clientele from a range of local industries.

We assist with consultation and design, applications and permits, manufacturing, installation, sign maintenance, and repair to add the convenience of a one-stop shop for our clients. Our consultations are thorough as we want to ensure your ideas are brought to life exactly how you want them. We take the time to listen, recreate, and polish your ideas, or come up with something you’ll love.

For more information on custom LED signs, contact the team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics today.

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