Acrylic SignWhat is an Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic signs typically feature colored text and/or graphics on a clear panel. Acrylic signs are made from a cast polymer and this polymer is transparent and largely colorless. Acrylic signs are durable and they are an excellent substitute for glass signs which are usually heavier and can cost more money.

Uses for Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs can be used for any number of purposes, but perhaps they are most commonly used as lobby and reception signs, wayfinding or directional signs, and architectural signage.

Types of Acrylic Signs

The text and graphics on an acrylic sign is typically made with UV ink which is printed directly onto the backing panel. But there are other options. Sometimes print films or vinyl lettering can be applied to the acrylic panels. Acrylic signs are simple, yet they often look elegant and sophisticated and carry an air of professionalism and modernity to them.

Why Choose us for Acrylic Signs

For businesses in Manassas, there are many things you must consider when choosing signage and one of those things to consider is the materials used to make the sign. If you need a sign to be lightweight, perhaps because you need it to be portable, then you can’t use a sign made of heavy materials. Then there are the aesthetic concerns. Each different material can subtly communicate something different about your business. There is a lot you can communicate with an acrylic sign and Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics can make the perfect acrylic sign for you.

Benefits of Choosing us for Acrylic Signs

If you live in Northern Virginia or the Greater Washington DC metro area and would like to know more about acrylic signs, please contact Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics through our website or by calling us at 571-512-7446.

We serve Northern Virginia & the Greater Washington DC metro area including Manassas, Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria, Centerville, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Ashburn, Woodbridge, Springfield and many more.

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