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Channel letters are custom-made letters that alone are self-contained letters, but when put together create a sign. They are particularly effective because they are illuminated and designed with custom colors that look great in the light. 3D Channel letter signs that are not illuminated are referred to as dimensional letter signs and are a great option for an indoor storefront.

Uses of Channel Letter for Storefront Signs

Channel letter signs are usually used as exterior storefront signs, on the outside of buildings. Channel letter signs are particularly effective at attracting the eye of passersby because they light up, making them one of the many illumination options we have available. They stand out in all weather conditions, including rain, fog, and nighttime.

There are 4 main types of channel letters: front-lit, backlit (or halo-lit), front and back-lit, and open-face lit.

Front & Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Which is the best direction to light your sign-up from? This all depends on how good the visibility is and what type of effect you are trying to create. Backlit channel letter signs give off a nice, warm inviting feeling because of the effect the lighting creates. These reverse channel letter signs (as they are also called) are great for pubs, lounges, theaters, or any business where the lighting inside is dim, so they match your storefront.

If you need optimal lighting for your sign, then open-face neon channel letters or standard channel letters might be a better option. There are also front and back-lit channel letters to consider, which gives you lighting from both sides.

You can create different designs and shapes and even opt for contour channel letters—letters that are all connected as one big sign—which gives them a more uniform look.

Storefront Channel Letters & Lit Shape Signs

Some materials that are frequently used to make channel letter signs include various types of plastic as well as metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and more.

LED channel letter signs are often mounted to the exterior walls of businesses or organizations. This can be achieved by directly attaching the channel letter sign to the surface of the wall, or by mounting the sign on a raceway or wireway. A raceway is a type of mounting structure that also houses the electrical components of the sign. A wireway is similar but generally contains only wiring, so wireways are thinner than raceways.

Benefits of Channel Letters For Business

Like any creative and well-built sign, channel letters are good at attracting attention. They are big and bold, and the LED lights make them shine in the dark. As long as you place them in a spot for optimal visibility, these letters are almost guaranteed to pull customers in. We stay on top of all the current trends and everything going on in the advertising and marketing world, and we pride ourselves on knowing what works and what is dated. We can discuss channel letters and other possibilities when you set up a consultation with our legendary customer service team!

Why Choose Us for Custom Channel Letter Signs

We use precise care when crafting your custom channel letter sign because we know how important a sign can be and what it can do for your business. We want you to get the best sign possible because we are not looking to make just one sign for you, we want to be your go-to sign company for all your signage needs. It all starts with the first sign, which we use as an opportunity to showcase our customer care.

From the first consultation, we will go over all your options. You can use a variety of different colors, sizes, fonts, and styles to make the perfect channel letter sign for your organization or business. After we have everything planned out, we go to work, keeping you in the loop the entire time, so you stay up to date on all the progress until you get your final product in hand. Let us, the trusted experts at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, design the perfect channel letter sign for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs used to highlight your company and message. Each letter or symbol is constructed individually and assembled as part of the final sign.

These signs are one of the most effective and affordable ways to build your brand and use attention-getting signage. Depending on the materials used, a channel letter sign can last for years with minimal maintenance. Creative designs and a range of lighting capabilities allow these signs to stand out from the clutter of other businesses while providing visibility 24/7.

The use of channel letters makes a sign more noticeable because of its three-dimensional shape and flexible design. Each letter or symbol of these signs will reflect the colors, design, font, and other characteristics that are custom-chosen to build your brand.

The exact method of installation for your channel letter sign will depend on several factors, such as its location and size. However, the team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics will explain just how they professionally install any sign that meets your specifications.

The only limitation to the placement of your signs is your imagination and possible landlord/statutory restrictions. These signs are effective indoors and outdoors and provide customers with an impressive branding message.

These signs are constructed using letters and symbols that are usually about four-to-five inches deep. Borders are created using aluminum or sheet metal and the signs are faced with acrylic, glass, or other substances. Multiple lighting options are used to increase the effectiveness of channel letters. A wide variety of materials are available to create your custom sign exactly as you desire.

All well-designed sign serves to build your brand and help your business stand out from the competition. We find that channel letter signs are often your most effective solution.

When you work with our team, your signage options are limited only by your budget. We will create the channel letter sign that delivers the look and message you desire.

We use the finest materials and lasting construction techniques to ensure the durability of your sign. We will also explain the options you have for materials and components to provide the best long-term solution for your signs.

We help our clients understand that well-designed and constructed signage is a long-term investment rather than a mere expense. We will tailor your signs to your needs and budget to meet your specific needs.

The team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics is standing by to assist you. Our experience and industry knowledge will help you determine how the effective use of creative channel letter signs fits into your overall signage strategy. Call or click today!

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