Ceiling GraphicsWhat Are Ceiling Graphics?

When looking for space to install graphics, we look at the walls, we look for spots on the floor where we can place freestanding signs, we might look at the window, and if we’re really enterprising we might consider floor graphics. All of these types of signs and graphics are great and can be very effective, but we often just don’t have space for them. But we do often have space on our ceilings.

Uses for Ceiling Graphics

The concept of ceiling graphics might seem odd to you at first but putting graphics up on a ceiling is nothing new. Ceiling graphics go back at least as far as the 15th century and the Sistine Chapel. But even so, it’s remarkable how many people don’t even consider the ceiling as a place to put graphics or a sign of some kind. But ceilings are often perfect for graphics.

Types of Ceiling Graphics

Picture a bookstore in the City of Falls Church. You want a sign of some sort; maybe it’s just your business’s name or logo for branding purposes, maybe it’s a fun graphic to appeal to children, or maybe it’s something more basic like pointing the way to the restrooms. The walls all have books on them and all the bookcases don’t leave much space on the floor. So where to put your graphic? Well, why not the ceiling? It can even be seen from almost anywhere inside the store.

Why Choose Us for Ceiling Graphics

Few surfaces offer as much real estate as ceilings do and we can find the ideal spot on your ceiling for graphics.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Ceiling Graphics

If you live in Northern Virginia or the Greater Washington DC metro area and would like to know how we make top notch ceiling graphics, please contact Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics through our website or by calling us at 571-512-7446.

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