Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics specializes in creating lovely signage solutions that blend creativity, durability, and functionality to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. Our college signs and education signs are designed to reflect institutional pride while effectively communicating messages to students, faculty, and visitors.

Types of School and University Signs

There are several to choose from, such as:

  • Vinyl Banners: Customizable in various sizes, these banners are perfect for indoor/outdoor use, providing an impactful visual presence for schools, universities, and events.
  • Mesh Banners: Ideal for outdoor settings, these banners allow airflow, making them perfect for fences or windy locations, ensuring vibrant displays even in challenging environments.
  • A-Frame Signs: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these signs provide easy-to-change graphics, making them perfect for directional signage, promotions, or event displays, maximizing visibility.
  • Metal Letters: These letters provide a polished appearance, ideal for exterior branding or architectural elements, ensuring a lasting impression and enhancing the institution’s prestige.
  • Plastic Letters: These letters come in various fonts and colors, perfect for indoor displays, directories, or informational signage, adding a professional touch to educational spaces.
  • Aluminum Letters: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these letters provide a sophisticated look for school or university signage, ensuring clear visibility and a lasting impression.

We offer a diverse array of educational signs and displays that elevate campus aesthetics and communication. We make sure to get to know what a school needs, how we can help them, and what they’re looking for to ensure that we get their signage just right.

Signs for Branding and Outreach

Our custom-designed signs are not just informative but also serve as powerful tools for advertisement. Whether it’s signs for advertisers and sponsors or promotional banners for school events, we create visually appealing solutions that amplify your institution’s brand visibility and messaging.

Navigating Campus with Ease

From large-scale outdoor campus signage to detailed school entrance and reception signs, our signs for wayfinding are created to guide students, staff, and visitors seamlessly. We prioritize safety and communication, which is why our information and safety school display signs are just as important. These signs cater to emergency protocols, rules, and regulations, contributing to a safe and informed campus environment.

Services for Custom School Signs

As a trusted public school vendor, Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics offers a range of services for custom school signs. Our expertise includes large-format printing, ensuring high-quality imagery and precise detailing for various university private and public school signages.

Our dedication to delivering excellence in outdoor campus signage, educational displays, and branding solutions sets us apart from other signage companies.

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If you’re looking for innovative and impactful signage solutions that enhance the educational experience, you have found the right signage company. Let us collaborate to create standout school and university signs that reflect the essence and ethos of your institution.

From Manassas to Washington, Arlington to Alexandria, we are committed to serving educational institutions across these areas.

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