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Welcome to Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics is a full-service custom sign and vehicle wrapping company serving the needs of customers in a variety of industries across Northern Virginia, the DC metro area, and the United States. We are committed to providing the highest quality sign products with our primary emphasis on customer satisfaction. The image we produce for our customers makes all the difference and we deliver signs that leave a positive and lasting impression on the image of our customers’ business.

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    Need a Custom Signage Solution That Speaks to Your Customers? Let Us Help You Create the Same!

    We are a commercial signage company that specializes in all types of business signs, including: outdoor signs, indoor signs, vehicle wraps and graphics, and vinyl signs and graphics. We know the importance of proper sign creation, and the impact it can have on your brand. The benefits of having well-made sign designs can have an immediate impact on your business. All it takes is a catchy logo and the proper color scheme to turn heads and entice someone who otherwise would’ve passed by your business.

    At Legendary Custom Signs & graphics, we are not only expert sign makers but branding experts who take into account all considerations that come with creating beautifully well-crafted signs. It takes an artist’s touch to grab people’s attention, and we have some of the best designers in the business on our team. With their talent at your disposal, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

    What Can Signs Do for Your Business?

    Custom signs that show off your personality are a one-time cost marketing tool that can have a lasting effect for years to come. And when it comes to quality, we don’t skimp. Our signs are built to last and assured to hold up under most weather conditions.

    With our team of experts working hand-in-hand with you, you can have your custom sign-up in no time. All our service team is trained and experienced in providing fast and efficient sign installation. The sooner that sign is up, the sooner you can get your brand seen and talked about.

    Interior Business Signs

    Signs made for the indoors don’t have to hold up to weather conditions. This could be anything like banners, door signs, lobby signs, or exit/entrance signs. Some signs are simple, like directional signs, that don’t need any special details. But if you have a shop in a mall and want the perfect banner to attract the attention of all those people walking casually by, then branding is key.

    Outdoor Signage

    These signs need to be made from material that will last against weather and vandals. Placement is important because you want as many people as possible to see them, and they need to be under proper lighting for them to be noticed in the dark. If your sign is behind a tree or obstruction, people will rarely take the time to go out of their way to see your signs, so with outdoor signs, placement is everything.

    We pride ourselves on being one of the top sign companies in Virginia, servicing many great businesses and creating many lasting relationships along the way. Serving Manassas, Washington, Arlington & Alexandria, we love the communities we help. To us, it’s not just about business, it’s about seeing the smiling faces of all our loyal customers as we help them reach their business goals and create lasting friendships.

    Contact Us For Our Sign Services

    So if you are looking for a custom sign shop that takes customer service seriously, reach out to us at 571-982-8572 or send us a message on our contact page. The perfect sign for your business is just a phone call away.

    The Legendary Difference

    Legendary Sign Customer Service

    World Class Customer Service

    Trusted 5-step Method of Sign Manufacturing

    Our 5-step Process

    Legendary Sign Best Value

    Best Value

    Client Testimonials

    The team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics did an amazing job with our office signage. They were able to accurately capture the design that we envisioned. Our office now looks very professional! Thank you Coby and Noah, as well as your entire team!
    John Iver
    John Iver
    We had a very unusual request for enlargement of a photo of a local carousel into a 6' x 4' outdoor display for use within a "Park" themed courtyard for a new, state-of-the-art memory care program at The Virginian - a 300+ resident senior living community in Fairfax, VA. Not only did Coby and his team come through, they took a personal interest in designing, producing, and installing the project, and on a short turnaround schedule. The print/sign could not have come out better. High quality work, attention to detail, and professional approach and communication every step of the way. THANK YOU Coby and the Legendary Team. Our memory care residents are loving their new "Park"!
    Andrew Carle
    Andrew Carle
    Our shop now has a nice and vibrant face lift with the new graphics that were installed, they made adjustments as needed and were spot on for what we were looking for. Thanks to the whole team at Legendary, I will be using them again for our outdoor lit signs in the near future!
    Henry Rivera
    Henry Rivera
    Love the work Coby and team have done for us. Multiple projects so far. Very dependable. Great quality. Affordable. And extremely easy to work with.
    Bubbie’s Plant Burgers
    Bubbie’s Plant Burgers
    I worked with Amanda and Noah and it was such an easy process! Amanda made all my little edits quickly and was pleasant to work with. Noah was great to work with for scheduling and then installed it. He was on time, asked me to check the location, and after installing, he cleaned up. Both were great. Already asked them to do another project and looking forward to working with them again!
    Emily Perry
    Emily Perry
    We are extremely happy with Legendary. They did a wonderful job recreating signs for our condominium property, and were also very friendly, helpful, and great communicators. We would recommend them to anyone!
    Our business needed a lobby sign for our 2nd office. I called multiple places to get a quote and Legendary was the first to call me back with the most detailed quote. Amanda was such a pleasure to work with! We will be calling them directly in the future. Thanks Legendary!
    Page Moon
    Page Moon
    Coby at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics - is simple a 5 star business! They are VIP members of their local Chamber and very involved with the community. Their work is extremely professional and fantastically priced. Look no further, please take a visit there for all your signage needs and more! You will NOT be disappointed. Ask for Coby! A Dulles Regional Chamber ENDORSED business.
    Dulles Chamber
    Dulles Chamber
    Amazing company! Rushed custom street sign for a friend retiring from the marines and it was perfect. They loved it! Thank you guys so much for doing it and getting it done in a time crunch!
    Hananh Ochs
    Hananh Ochs
    These guys are the best! They're very thorough and asked a lot of questions and checked out what was needed before it was done so it would look fantastic! I'd recommend to anyone who wants to put up a sign of any sort. - Kevin
    Kevin Kwon
    Kevin Kwon

    Our Featured Products

    Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics manufactures quality custom signage for the ever-growing business community. These signs can be grouped into the following four categories:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A sign company is a company that handles all things to do with signage systems. From creating and designing signs to installation and repairs, a good sign company can do it all.

    There are several different sign companies in northern Virginia. At Legendary Signs, we strive to be the best, and we are always looking for businesses to work with that are ready for high-quality signs and great customer service.

    Signs can be made from many different materials and serve many different purposes. There are storefront signs that represent your business and are designed to grab people’s attention, and there are also wayfinding signs, informational signs, vehicle wraps for advertising, and many more. It depends on what purpose you need the sign for.

    Some signs are used to direct people where to go, some are used to advertise your brand, and others provide information and warn about safety procedures. You also need signs for labeling rooms like washrooms and board rooms. A sign’s main purpose is to communicate information.

    This depends on what type of workplace you need signs for. Warehouses need a lot more safety signs compared to an office setting which may have signage simply for decor or to label different rooms.

    Customer reviews and word-of-mouth are great ways to learn about a sign company’s reputation. You can also set up a consultation or call, and see if the company is a good fit firsthand by talking to a customer service representative.

    Educating people through signage is important because it helps keep order and prevents injuries and embarrassing situations. A world without signs would be a world of people wandering around aimlessly, with no direction, trying to find what they need.

    Sign makers create designs and manufacture signs. Good sign makers try to fabricate the highest quality signs possible with symbols and designs that stand out, are easy to understand, and are built to last.

    This depends on what type of sign your business needs. Vinyl graphics are easy to make as opposed to a pylon sign with could take months to complete. You have to consider what material is being used, how big the sign is, how complex the design is, etc.

    The cost of your signs is given to you upfront during a consultation. If you choose us, we will figure out the labor and cost of materials involved and give you an estimate that is fair and competitive with other sign companies in the area.

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