Best Materials for Lobby Signs

Best Materials for Lobby Signs

When it comes to designing an office space, you need to think of the aesthetics. A well-crafted, tastefully designed sign installed right in the middle of your lobby offers an undeniably powerful and attractive aesthetic to your brand. It helps you project the right brand image to your employees, clients, and stakeholders and introduce your team to everyone who steps foot in your building. This is why you must customize your lobby sign to reflect everything that your business stands for. From opting for the right design and color to choosing the perfect material, everything can add value to your sign! Here are some incredible recommendations for the best materials for lobby signs.

Metal and Metal Laminate

With its classy finish and durable quality, metal is a popular lobby signage material. Metal signs are most commonly used by banks and law firms in their lobbies. You can opt for copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, and steel letters for your sign. As for the finish, you can opt for a brushed, oxidized, polished, gold, enameled, or patina look.

Alternatively, you can opt for a metal laminate on your lobby sign. This way, your sign will mimic the sophistication and chic appearance of a polished or brushed metal sign, without you having to blow your budget. The substrate for a metal laminate sign can be made of foam, PV, or acrylic.


Foam signs are ideal for creating an attractive lobby sign with 3D letters. It presents you with infinite color options, which makes it suitable for a business with a unique color palette or one that wants to branch out and experiment with unique colors. You can apply metal or acrylic laminates to foam letters for an elegant and glossy finish. It’s a flexible, budget-friendly, and easily customizable lobby signage material.


If you have a complicated logo design and bright brand colors, then you should opt for an acrylic lobby sign. This is because the letters in an acrylic sign have laser-sharp, crisp edges and shapes that are immaculately designed. It’s an incredibly versatile signage Best Materials for Lobby Signsmaterial, which comes in 30 basic colors and other custom colors as well. You can either opt for a pigmented acrylic or paint the letter exteriors. You can also opt for a crystal ice finish with a frosted face with a pigmented back or a metallic ice finish with a frosted face and a metallic silver back.


For a reasonably-priced, durable, and versatile plastic material that can be used both indoors and outdoors, nothing works better than PVC. It’s thinner and lighter than an acrylic sign and has a matte finish, which ensures that the lobby lights won’t cause any annoying glare on the sign. It’s quite long-lasting and can endure heavy pressure without warping or bending. You can engrave it and paint it with graduated hues for a customized lobby sign.

You can use any of the aforementioned materials for your custom lobby sign. Just make sure that the material you choose goes well with your overall workplace aesthetic and brand image. These were just a few of the best materials for lobby signs. For recommendations on lobby sign design and branding ideas, read my article in CityScoop from last November.

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