6 Reasons to Use Acrylic Signs for Your Business in Northern Virginia

6 Reasons to Use Acrylic Signs for Your Business in Northern Virginia

Acrylic signs are used all over Northern Virginia to give business owners an edge over their competitors. But why?

Today’s post runs down 6 reasons to use acrylic signs for your business, as well as how to get a free quote and expert consultation in Northern Virginia.

  • Acrylic is endlessly customizable. Acrylic is easily molded into a variety of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s such a popular material in all industries. You can form it into bottles, guitar designs, tubes, picture frames, skylights, dentures, fake nails, figurines, and yes, even signs. Once you’ve chosen your sign size, shape and style, we can help you build a custom design from scratch!
  • Acrylic is more environmentally friendly than other options. Acrylic has a number of eco-friendly properties compared to other materials.Acrylic is non-toxic and inert in the environment. It is suitable for food contact (it’s even used in dentures) and gives off no dioxins in a fire. Since it’s about half the weight of glass, the transportation costs and associated carbon dioxide emissions drop. Acrylic is also easy to reuse and recycle. Finally, because acrylic signs have a long lifespan, and are durable, weatherable, and resistant to chemicals, they rarely need to be replaced.

    Ultimately, this means acrylic signs can reduce your company’s ecological footprint while also saving you hundreds of dollars in utilities each year.

    Plus, according to a new CGS study, product sustainability will drive product demand in 2020 and beyond. This echoes finding shared in a 2018 Forbes magazine article, which stated that 88% of consumers are now looking for businesses that “help them make a difference.” Simply put, if you’re not selling sustainable or at least environmentally friendly products, you’re leaving big money on the table.

  • Acrylic signs make perfect illuminated signs. Lit signage is a surefire way to attract eyes, especially at night, and acrylic signs are ideal. Acrylic is highly transparent, easily lit, and doesn’t yellow with age.
  • Acrylic signs help reduce fire hazards around your business. The thermal conductivity of acrylic is about ⅙ of that of glass. That makes acrylic signage must less of a fire hazard or safety risk than glass alternatives.
  • Acrylic signs are lighter and easier to handle. Acrylic signs weigh about 50% less than glass alternatives. This makes them much easier to install and transport.
  • Acrylic signs are super tough. Beyond their ability to stand up to the very worst of Northern Virginia weather, acrylic signs are also super impact resistant. Acrylic has a tensile strength of more than 10,000-pounds per square inch, which gives it an impact resistance roughly 17 times greater than ordinary glass. And though most storefronts aren’t going to receive big impacts (though accidents happen, like in this 13NewsNow report of a car colliding with a Shoe Dept. storefront in downtown Suffolk!), this should give you some idea of the lifespan and durability you can expect from your custom acrylic sign.

Free Custom Acrylic Sign Quotes In Northern Virginia

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