3 Ways to Use Storefront Window Graphics for Better Business in Northern Virginia

3 Ways to Use Storefront Window Graphics for Better Business in Northern Virginia

Today’s post uses research on Northern Virginia buyer behaviors as the basis for 3 storefront window graphics advertising strategies. Read on to learn 3 methods to drive more business to your Northern Virginia location using affordable, eye-catching, and 100% customization storefront window graphics.

Attract More Eyes And Drive More Traffic

Research by the Virginia Sign Association found that the average storefront is seen 50-60 times per month by locals who live or work within 5 miles. These locals can account for up to 85% of your total business, so making a strong impression matters!

Most of your storefront sightings happen in a matter of seconds, which means you only have a short window to attract eyes.

Storefront window graphics help create eye-popping designs that drive foot traffic and convert these monthly impressions into sales. In fact, in a recent sign survey that asked customers how they learned about local businesses, 50% said it was all because of on-premise signs.

Storefront window graphics can be used as singular signs, or tools to create compositional flow and rhythm throughout your entire system, so that the reader consumes your sign materials in the order you intended.

Make A Powerful Impression On New Northern Virginia Residents

In an article published in the Daily Progress earlier this year, Andrew Gionfriddo reported that Virginia’s is both growing and shrinking.

Lucky for us and other local business owners, most of the “growing” happened in Northern Virginia. According to the Weldon Cooper Center, the population there grew by 13% between 2010 and 2018. Of the 10 fastest-growing localities in Virginia, eight are part of the Washington, D.C., metro area. Besides Loudoun County, they include Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Manassas Park, Stafford County, Prince William County and Alexandria.

“With the decline of the coal, textile and agriculture industries, southern Virginia has struggled to provide jobs and economic opportunities, especially for young people,” Gionfriddo writes. “As a result, they move out of the state or to northern parts of Virginia to find work and settle down.”

Whatever brought them here, Northern Virginia business owners now have a huge opportunity to make big impressions on these new potential customers. And storefront window graphics are the perfect tools, either to anchor or supplement your signage system.

Whether you’re looking to recreate brand materials or create a fresh design from scratch, our storefront window graphics specialists have what you’re looking for!

Promote Sales And Leverage Impulse Buyer Behavior

In a Time Magazine study about “retail therapy,” Dr. Kit Yarrow reported that up to 88.6% of Americans have succumbed to the temptations of impulse shopping at some point in their lives. Americans also make up to 156 impulse purchases every year, spending up to $5400 annually, or $324,000 over their lifetime.

If you want to take advantage of this common impulse buy behavior, you need to spread awareness about your sales. And in-store signage isn’t enough. Combine it with storefront window graphics that tempt everyone in view and watch your sales start to climb.

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