4 Invaluable Wall Graphic Installation Tips

4 Invaluable Wall Graphic Installation Tips

For a perfect wall graphics installation, follow these 4 invaluable tips, courtesy of the Legendary Custom Signs team:

1. Start With The Right Wall Graphic

Even our sign experts couldn’t pull off a perfect install without the right wall graphic in-hand. There are many types of wall graphics, each with their own unique characteristics and preferred surfaces.

Long before you attempt the installation, make sure you design your wall graphic with these questions in mind:

  • Will it be mounted inside or outside?
  • What surface do you need the wall graphic installed on?
  • What size wall graphic is needed?
  • How long will the wall graphic be installed?

All of these factors will affect the materials you choose. If you need more help in this area, get in touch with our team.

2. Choose The Best Wall Surface

Smooth textures, which provide little or no surface variation, are always best. They offer the easiest application because the adhesive can make contact with the entire surface.

Unsmooth textures like brick and heavy contact, which have high spots and low spots, require more effort and present greater risks. Too much surface texture allows adhesive contact only with the highest protrusions. This creates a lumpy look and does not provide sufficient contact for a lasting application.

While smooth textures are ideal, you shouldn’t feel constrained. Brick, painted wallboard, concrete, CMU, stucco, tile, and vinyl wallcoverings all come in varying textures, many of which work just fine for wall graphic installations.

3. Pick A Spot Free Of Damaging Exposure Conditions

Ideally, try to choose a location for your installation that does not expose the wall graphic to extreme temperatures, humidity, rain, drastic temperature changes, direct sun, nearby heating or cooling ducts, or wear and tear.

Sometimes your desired installation area will expose the wall graphic to one or more of these conditions. In some cases, this can shorten the product’s lifespan, weaken the adhesive, or damage the graphic itself via fading, tearing, or lifting. However, these risks can be mitigated by choosing the proper materials and taking a few preventative measures, such as adding shade, controlling temperatures, and maintaining your wall graphics.

For full help with tricky installations in “exposure areas,” get in touch with our team.

4. Prepare The Wall Surface For Your Installation

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. And in the case of your wall graphics, it may save you from having to buy a replacement after your installation goes awry.

We recommend the following wall preparation process:

  • Repair any existing damage to the wall, including holes, loose wallboard joints, and chipped or peeling paint.
  • Clean the wall of any dirt, grime, or residual adhesive from prior wall graphics.
  • Prime the wall with a primer that is compatible with the top paint coat (two coats may be necessary).
  • Paint the wall with a quality semi-gloss top coat. Avoid using matte paint or any products that contain silicone, graffiti-resistant or texturizing additives.
  • Give the paint and primer time to dry and cure. We recommend no less than 5 days, but full curing may require a full month.

Now you’re ready to start!

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