What Are Dimensional Letters and Why Would I Want Them?

Dimensional Letters for Business Storefront

Dimensional letters are 3D signs that stand out against the wall instead of lying flat on the surface. These signs offer large, thick lettering that visitors can see from a distance. You can add lighting to emphasize the letters and make them stand out at night.

Typically, dimensional signs offer a minimalist design with one or two colors, a few words, and a basic logo. These letters need to be clear and readable because they’re the most important sign on your storefront. Once you’ve caught your visitors’ eyes, you can use additional signs, such as banners and engravings, to sell your business in more detail.

Why Do You Need Dimensional Letter Signage?

Dimensional lettering and logos offer the following benefits:

  • You enhance your image as a successful, established business.
  • You build brand integrity by clearly displaying your name, logo, and color scheme.
  • Your company stands out if you’re in a crowded area or strip mall.
  • You can set a fun, cheerful, or professional tone.
  • Your letters work alongside smaller signs for cohesive branding.

Maximize your success by choosing a clean font that’s large and readable but not cartoonishly big. Avoid detailed images that look blurry when viewed from a distance. Stay on top of maintenance, such as removing debris and replacing bulbs, to increase your sign’s lifespan.

Where Can You Use Dimensional Letters?

You can install dimensional letters indoors and outdoors. Outdoor signs greet visitors as they approach the building, appearing above windows and doorways or on walls facing the highway. Typically, outdoor signage features the business name and logo so that visitors know they’ve reached the right place.

Dimensional letters can highlight monuments, such as statues and state park entrances. Mount an informational plaque underneath your sign for added context.

Indoor signs offer more freedom because clients already know your company’s name. You can hang up logos, slogans, and motivational quotes that inspire your customers. Other options include room labels, lobby signs, museum displays, and dedications for donors.

What Are Dimensional Letters Made From?

Your options include PVC, cast metal, polished brass, plexiglass, and carved plaques. Every sign is built to last, but we craft outdoor signs with sturdier materials so they withstand weather and sun exposure.

What Are Channel Letters?

Dimensional letters are unlit or lit from an exterior source, such as outdoor lamps. Channel letters offer 3D signage with built-in lighting that draws attention to your storefront. Common materials include plastic, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. We use LED lights for maximum shine and efficiency.

Backlit signs glow behind the letters to give them a friendly, subtle light. Front-lit signs have glowing letters like someone drew them with a neon pen. Backlit signs are popular for offices, luxury stores, and professional settings, while front-lit signs often highlight theaters, restaurants, and retail stores.

Operations that stay open past 5pm need channel letters to show visitors they’re still open at night. Plus, they make your business visible from the highway.

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