Storefront Signs and What They Tell Us

Dimensional Letters for Business Storefront

An essential part of marketing is having storefront signs for your business. However, choosing the right storefront sign can be difficult, as it needs to attract potential customers, make a positive first impression, draw individuals into your store, pique interest, communicate clearly, and establish your business’s place in your community. Given the importance of each of these many responsibilities, finding the perfect sign can feel overwhelming.

Each type of sign has its own way of communicating with onlookers through its aesthetic, appearance, lettering, and design. Knowing what every kind of sign says, as well as how it says it, is very important when deciding what storefront signs are best for your business.

Legendary Custom Signs is here to relieve your stress and offer our help. As experts on all storefront signs, we have compiled a list of common business storefront signs and what they tell us about a business.

Storefront window graphics

From displaying promotions to introducing new products or services, this eye-catching window graphics is a great way to add personality to your business storefront. Whether you choose vivid graphics, real images, or fun lettering, they are bound to garner the attention of people walking by.

Door signs

Offer your potential customers all the information they need to make logical decisions. From store hours to contact information to the correct door to enter, door signs are a simple but effective sign solution that communicates essential information to anyone who wishes to enter your business.


Often mounted on an elevated surface, like the ceiling or a pole, banners offer the advantage of visibility through height. No need to worry about your message being blocked or obstructed in any way when your sign is hanging above everyone’s heads!

Channel letters

This bold advertisement demands attention for your business. Each channel letter is large, clear, and easily read, which makes it an excellent way to showcase your business to passersby from near and far. To take this sign solution to the next level, choose an illumination option, so your business can shine at all hours of the day.

Monument signs

This type of signage is meant to be visible and bold but classic. It establishes the business’s place in its community, making it a landmark or a destination. They are durable, versatile, and communicative about a business’s intention of remaining put for a long time.

Yard sign

This traditional sign has been used by businesses in all industries for years, and once you know the benefits it offers, you’ll understand why. This sign is placed on the ground, outside of your business, so it attracts the attention of everyone walking by. It is often used for promotions, catchy sayings, or vivid graphics that pique people’s interest and usher them through your front doors.

Want to Learn More?

There are countless kinds of storefront signs that are available to your business. From custom storefront signs to awning signs, it is impossible to name them all. If there is a sign solution that you would like to discuss that is not included above, contact our team at Legendary Custom Signs today.


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