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Sleek and edgy, metal signs are excellent visual communication tools to build your brand’s image while simultaneously promoting your values, competitive edge, products, and services. These multi-purpose signs are durable enough for indoor and outdoor settings. They can be molded and customized according to your specific needs and goals.

Whatever those may be, you can count on Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics to create exceptional quality metal signs that put your company’s best foot forward and help you get ahead of competitors.

Types of Metal Signs for Your Centreville Facility

  • Aluminum signs: If you want signs that are lightweight, pliable, and extremely resilient, choose aluminum signs. They are excellent for outdoor usage since they are built to resist rust and water damage.
  • Stainless steel signs: With their simple yet class charm, stainless steel is a staple for many offices and commercial facilities in Centreville. At Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, we apply a special coating to ensure that your stainless-steel signs have a longer lifespan and a more resistant to damage.
  • Alumalite signs: If you want to maximize your marketing budget, we highly recommend extremely heavy-duty alumalite signs. They are known as one of the toughest signage materials that can last for several years.
  • Dibond signs: With their superior damage-resistant qualities, Dibond signs are fantastic long-term business investments. They can be molded into three-dimensional characters or laser cut and printed with your preferred design.

Why Choose Metal Signs in Centreville?

  • Timeless charisma: Metal signs never go out of style. For decades, they have been used in various establishments, from law firms and corporate offices to appliance stores and upscale restaurants.
  • Brand cohesiveness: They are excellent for brands with a strong, highly professional, modern, minimalist, and edgy appeal. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about the specific signage types and designs that will work best with your branding requirements.
  • Multi-purpose signs: Apart from beautifully showcasing your brand’s trademark, there are many other applications and uses of metal signs. It includes providing room identification, wayfinding information, and parking space directional cues.
  • Make a positive and lasting impression: When installed in your lobby, indoor metal signs showcase your brand’s unique personality to customers. If you use them outside as dimensional letters or hanging signs, they can help your establishment stand out and bring in more customers. In either setting, having your metal signs illuminated will make them look more eye-catching and appealing.

Your Go-To Metal Signage Supplier in Centreville

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics has helped countless entrepreneurs through well-strategized, high-quality, and long-lasting metal signs. Our Centreville team is composed of highly skilled and passionate individuals who are ready and equipped to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. We only use state-of-the-art machinery and premium-grade materials to maintain consistent quality in all our metal signage projects, regardless of how simple or large scale they are.

Are you ready to invest in top-notch metal business signs today? Call us to get started.

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