Channel Letters 101: What You Need to Know

Custom channel letters of Deshi Bazar by Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics

When your building needs to stand out and represent your brand well to potential customers, it needs a sign. Most who are choosing new signs for their storefronts, office buildings, or other locations often choose a channel letter sign.

Why are these signs so popular? Our sign experts in Manassas, Virginia can answer all your questions, so reach out to us today, or learn about the basics of channel letter signs below.


What Is a Channel Letter Sign?

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs. They are lettering and, sometimes, symbols with internal lighting that radiates out the front. If you’ve seen a building with a brand name on it, and the letters of the brand name all look separate from each other, then you have seen a channel letter sign.

If you still can’t quite visualize it, check out our gallery; we have lots of channel letter signs there.


What Are the Components of a Quality Channel Letter Sign?

The creation of a high-quality channel letter sign includes metal lettering, lighting, and a mounting structure. There are different types of channel letter signs, usually defined by their lighting. Almost all are LED lights, but they may be positioned inside or outside of the sign for different lighting effects.


How Are Channel Letters Fabricated?

Every channel letter is custom-made. Each letter is formed in metal separately. We may add lighting, acrylic, and other materials or features based on the specifics of your design. Then, we produce the raceway or railway on which the letter will be mounted.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know how to make channel letter signs to get a great sign. We handle the manufacturing for you, but we can also answer all your questions about the process, including how much are channel letter signs in terms of cost.


Why Choose Channel Letter Signs?

There are many advantages to choosing channel letter signs over other kinds of building signs, including:

  • Lighting: Seeing a building sign at night, even if you aren’t open, is important to make the most of your sign and create the most impressions possible.
  • Efficiency: Most channel letter signs are made with LED lighting which makes them safer and more energy efficient than other lighting options.
  • Bold design: The channel letter look is very high-contrast and stands out even compared to other signs.


Work with Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics

Where you install your channel letter sign will be very important to its success. Announcing your brand, making sure that you have a presence in the community, and drawing in foot traffic are all key functions that a high-quality channel letter sign should provide for you. Talk to our designers today about how to get the right channel letter sign for you.


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