Building Branded Space with Custom Restroom Signs in Manassas, VA

Building Branded Space with Custom Restroom Signs in Manassas, VA

Right now, business owners, restaurateurs, and office managers in Manassas, VA are creating “branded spaces” to beat the competition with custom restroom signs.

Today’s post explains the real-money value of branded space and how you can take advantage of sensory marketing with our custom restroom sign solutions.

The Value Of Branded Spaces

For our purposes, the term “branded spaces” or “branded environments” is used to describe a practice whereby business owners extend the experience of their organization’s brand to the physical setting using signage, lighting, graphics, and other interior design flair. The ultimate goal is to design the physical space so that it embodies the brand and contributes positively to the customer experience.

So why build branded space?

  • Generate more impressions for your brand–branded environments keep audiences engaged with your brand image and story for the duration of their stay
  • Create proactive, memorable customer interactions–even something as simple as a funny restroom sign can help your brand stand out
  • Boost morale–there’s nothing inspiring about working in bland office or industrial settings, but branded space can get employees excited to represent your company
  • Create a “multi-sensory brand-experience”–branded spaces can be used to drive sales as part of a broader sensory marketing strategy (Hultén, 2011, pp. 256-260)

More importantly, most of your competitors are already implementing branded spaces to stand out. Indeed, if you’ve spent any time at any successful retail stores, restaurants, or trade expos in Manassas, VA, you’ve definitely been in branded environments. In fact, you’ve probably encountered some of our handiwork.

Creating Branded Space With Custom Restroom Signs

At the most basic level, restroom signs identify washroom facilities, but they can also say a lot about your brand. Right now, businesses throughout Manassas, VA are using personalized restroom signs to do just that.

With the right combination of fonts, materials, colors, and custom images, your restroom signs can keep visitors engaged and excited about your business for every second of their visit.

For example, a martial arts academy might use this clever spin on classic stick-figure iconography to stand out in the minds of their students:


Restroom Sign








And here’s a similar twist on the old classic that would fit right in with an acoustic cafe, guitar shop, or recording studio:

custom restroom sign






Sometimes, creating branded space with custom restroom signs can be as simple as personalizing standard restroom sign templates with your company logo:

Modern Restroom Sign







Whether you’re trying to create a sleek modern office space or a laid back restaurant ambiance, custom restroom signs ensure that every inch of your business interior is used to tell your brand story.

Custom Restroom Signs In Manassas, VA

 If you want custom restroom signs in Manassas, VA, Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics can help.

We offer a wide selection of restroom sign products for you to choose from, all of which are made from high quality materials and 100% customizable. Whether you want to personalize a proven sign template or create something 100% unique, our 5 Step Sign Manufacturing Process delivers perfect results on-time and on-budget.

Call 571-512-7446 or request a consultation online to get a free restroom sign quote from our team. There is no cost or commitment involved–we just want to hear about your restroom sign vision and show you how we could bring it to life.


Hultén, B. (2011). Sensory marketing: the multi-sensory brand-experience concept. European Business Review, 23(3), 256-273.


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