3 Tips for First Time Lobby Sign Buyers

3 Tips for First Time Lobby Sign Buyers

Looking to buy a custom lobby sign in Northern Virginia or abroad?

Today’s post is for you. Read on for 3 tips to help first time lobby sign buyers get faster quotes and make smarter purchase decisions. And if you’re in Northern Virginia, call 571-512-7446 to request a consultation and check out all our popular lobby sign styles in person.

  • Come prepared for your consultation. A little bit of preparation goes a long way in the early stages of your custom lobby sign design process. And when we say a little, we mean it: all you really need to do is know where the sign is going, what you want it to do, and how much you’re looking to spend. From there, our experts will guide you through our extensive catalogue to create a shortlist of custom lobby sign options that fit your vision. Some clients come to us with a very detailed idea of the lobby sign they want, but while it does make for a faster quote, it’s certainly not required.If you really want to make the most of your consultation, think up a few questions in advance. Consider your needs and build your questions from there. Do you have a strict deadline? Ask about the production lead time. Working on a budget? Ask about affordable options or using templates instead of custom designs.
  • Know the size you’re working with (and when in doubt, go big). As mentioned in the first tip, you need to know where your sign is going and what it’s intended to do. This will affect the size of your lobby sign. A basic rule is that 2″ letters are readable from 10-15 feet away. Add one inch to the letter height for every 20 feet of distance they need to be read from. If you can fit a larger letter size, they will be easier to see and read, so go as big you can with the space you’ve got.
  • Choose color carefully. There’s a lot more that goes into choosing colors for a custom lobby sign than personal preference. You’ll also need to consider what your preferred colors say as well as how they look up against the office wall upon which they’re mounted.Over the course of human history, we’ve attached meaning to color. Greens are associated with nature; blues have a “cooling” effect; and gold evokes a sense of luxury. The list goes on and on. Understanding what your lobby sign colors says will help you design lobby signs that speak for your brand without words  (e.g. green for an eco-friendly cleaning company or gold for a jewelry shop).You’ll also need to consider how your lobby signs contrast with the substrate. For wall-mounted signs, you want to make sure the color you choose contrasts nicely with the wall color. Avoid matching your lobby sign color to the wall color–the uniform aesthetic isn’t worth the poor visibility.You might also opt out of “color” altogether. The current trend has many businesses replacing brand colors with a brushed satin metal look. This style of lobby sign is especially at home in law and dental offices, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices. But here again, it’s crucial that you consider how the metallic sign contrasts with the substrate. Whatever you decide, Legendary Custom Signs has what you’re looking for.

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