What are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs are signs that can be found in the lobby or reception area of an office or business. Apart from certain business or corporate signage, lobby signs are typically informational in nature.

Lobby signs should also be uniform; you want consistent use of colors, fonts, and sometimes materials as well. We have a team of expert signage consultants who can help you with the creation of your customized lobby signs. If you want to discuss more the sign related services we offer, give us a call today.

Types of Lobby Signs

Dimensional letters

Three-dimensional letters are great for making the names and logos of businesses stand out in lobbies

Acrylic signs

Acrylic signs can be used to make stylish business and reception desk signs


Plaques installed on walls are good ways to provide directional signage to guests

Door signs

Small signs on or beside doors can indicate the room number and/or occupant

Lobby Signs Features

Exceptional visibility

Visibility is key for all signs, so be careful where you install them and make sure they can be seen


Lobby signs should also be uniform; you want consistent use of colors, fonts, and sometimes materials as well.

Long lifespans

Our Lobby Signs have long life spans.

Cost Effective

Lobby signs are very cost effective and pocket friendly.

What are Lobby Signs For?

Lobby signs can be used for Business signs – displaying the name, logo, and/or slogan of the business. Reception signs – indicating where the reception desk or area is. Directory signs – displaying a directory for the offices or tenants of the building. Wayfinding signage – signs that help guests navigate the lobby

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