What are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are graphics that appear on windows, usually for promotional, marketing, and branding purposes. Window graphics can feature on storefronts or on work vehicles.

Types of Window Graphics


They are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they cannot be moved around once adhered to the window, so you must pick your spot carefully.


Decals are also popular forms of window graphics. These window graphics are perforated so that those inside can see out, but outside people only see the graphic.

Vinyl Window Decals

Vinyl Window Decals are full color vinyl stickers with low adhesive backing. These window stickers are typically opaque, though there are translucent variations as well. These decals can be cut to any shape, including lettering

Perforated Vinyl Window Film

Perforated Vinyl Window Film is a full color vinyl sticker with low adhesive backing and small, evenly spaced holes throughout the surface of the print.

Window Graphics Features

Exceptional visibility

When you need to convey an important message, window graphics exceptional visibility guarantees more impressions than traditional signage.

Easy to Install

Window Graphics are easy to install, they can be installed by yourself or by the team easily and quickly.

Cut to Any shape or Size

They can be cut into any shape and size with respect to the requirement.

Easy to remove, If desired

Though they are long lasting, our customized wall murals can be removed at any time without damaging the surface beneath.

What are Window Graphics For?

Window graphics are mostly for promotion, but you can display more standard information with them as well, eg. “No Loitering” or “Hours of Operation” signs. Window graphics will brand your building as yours and will identify and promote your business.

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