When Should You Consider Illuminating Your Signage?

Neon Projecting Timber Sign visible at the forefront

You have some choices to make when designing exterior signage for your business. The actual design of the sign, the material, and the location are all essential factors when investing in signage.

However, another key consideration for exterior signs is whether or not to illuminate them. Fortunately, signage lighting is more affordable today thanks to LED lights, which last much longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights. As a result, business owners who may not have been able to invest in lighting before can now budget illumination into the cost of their signs.

Is illuminating your signage the right choice? Here’s when you should consider lighting your signs for the utmost effectiveness.

When Your Business Is Open After Dark

If your business operates after the sun goes down, illuminating your signage is essential for helping people locate you. Places that benefit from lighting their signage include restaurants and bars, shopping malls, gas stations, hospitals, and emergency medical centers.

Without proper lighting for your signage, people will not only have trouble finding you, but they may not return to your business because they’ll have trouble remembering where it is. Making your place of business as easy to find as possible with illuminated signage can help draw in customers both before and after it gets dark.

To Take Advantage of 24/7 Advertising

Illuminating your signage can help your business take advantage of 24/7 advertising. Even when it’s not dark outside, or your business isn’t open after the sun goes down, lighting can help draw peoples’ attention to your storefront or place of business. Proper lighting can make your business stand out and people remember your sign, even from a distance.

You have the option here to customize your sign’s lighting to be unique even in the daylight. For example, you can choose backlit letters with a contrasting color for a beautiful effect, or you can opt for channel letters with custom lighting to ensure you grab the attention of potential customers no matter what time of day it is.

If You Want to Enhance Your Sign’s Unique Design

Proper lighting is an essential part of some signage. It can help your signs—and, as a result, your business—look more professional and attractive. Lighting can also make the design of your sign stand out by highlighting all its unique features.

For example, lightbox signs, digital signs, and neon signs all require illumination to properly do their job. Although some signs can certainly be visible during the day without artificial lighting, the right illumination can help them stand out from the competition, especially if your business is located in a crowded shopping center with other businesses.

We Can Help You Decide When Lighting Is the Right Decision

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics works with business owners to help them customize the most impactful signage for their place of business. Wondering if lighting your signs is the right decision? Let us help you review your options within your budget and based on your business’ unique needs. Call us at (571) 512-7446!


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