What Is the Correct Lettering Size for Business Signage?

channel letters

When investing in custom signage for your business, you want to be sure you have the correct lettering size.

The size of your lettering, whether you choose channel letters or dimensional letters, affects how well people can see and read your signage. The lettering size can also affect how people perceive your business and help make the best first impression.

With custom signage, you can have your sign made in a wide range of sizes to suit your location. But when you’re considering lettering, knowing the correct size requirements can help you make a bigger impact for more attention and increased business.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to correct lettering size for your business signage!

Signs Must Be Large Enough to Accommodate Lighting

If you plan on going with channel letters for your business signage, you’ll need to have the stroke width of the letters be at least one and one-half inches wide so you can utilize LED lighting. For many businesses, their signs will need to be larger to accommodate their storefront frame and audience.

However, if you do need smaller signage for your particular application, you can always choose a different type of material, such as metal signage with backlighting instead of channel letters. Different kinds of signage materials with backlighting can still provide visibility and sophisticated signage but without the size restrictions of materials that use lighting in the letters.

The goal is always for people to be able to clearly see and read your sign so that you can reach more customers and do more business!

Larger Signs Can Grab More Attention, But Can Cost More

If you want to go for a larger sign for your business, this is certainly an option. However, larger signs do tend to cost more as they use more materials and lighting. You may also need to consider using a more robust material so that it’ll stand up to the elements with larger signage.

When you need signage for a storefront business, channel letters can be a good option for large, lighted signs, and can be anywhere from one to three feet high so that people can see your business name and location. The benefits of custom signs is that you can tailor the size of your letters for your specific aesthetic, store location, and business name.

Other Factors to Consider—Distance, Location, and Readability

There are other factors to consider besides lighting, material, and style when it comes to the size of your lettering for business signage.

Distance also matters. A general rule of thumb is to add an inch of height for every ten feet that your audience is away from your sign. So for example, if people are 30 feet away, the letters should be a minimum of three inches high for people to see them.

However, having signage that’s a bit larger than this can accommodate a range of distances for easy readability. If your business is located along a busy highway, your customers may be seeing your sign from a longer distance and at faster speeds, and so you’ll want your sign to be as large and readable as possible while still looking attractive.

It’s also important to choose lettering that isn’t too complex. While scripted fonts can be beautiful and sophisticated, they can be difficult or impossible to read—even when you have the proper size lettering—from long distances.

Make Your Lettering the Correct Size With Us!

Having the correct size lettering for your business signage goes a long way toward supporting your advertising needs and ensuring people can easily find your business. At Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, we work with businesses to craft custom signs in the right size, material, and lettering of your choice for attractive, effective signage. Contact us today at (571) 512-7446 to learn more about our comprehensive consultation, design, and installation services for your business signage!


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