What Are the Best Materials for Outdoor Business Signs?

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When you need an outdoor sign for your business, you want it look great, but you also don’t want to compromise on durability. The material used for your outdoor business sign matters—it represents your company and attracts customers, so it needs to be eye-catching but also hold up well over time. Depending on what you’re looking for in a sign, we have a variety of materials we work with that we’ve found are some of the best for standing up to the elements while making your business look great. Here are the best materials for outdoor business signs!


Aluminum is extremely versatile, lightweight, and resistant to the elements, as it doesn’t rust. Business owners love this sign material as it’s affordable and can be customized to your exact specifications, including thickness as well as size. Aluminum signage can also be used indoors, and when it’s time to replace your sign, the material can be recycled, making it a more eco-friendly option as well.

Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

If you want a sign with superior durability and a glossy, attractive surface, medium density overlay (MDO) gives you the option of using wood for your sign’s look without worrying about weather resistance, thanks to its resin overlay surface that’s bonded to the wood. Business owners appreciate the look of MDO combined with its durability. Looking for something a little more durable? High density overlay plywood is another excellent option for outdoor business signs!


DIBOND® gives you the opportunity to have an aluminum composite sign, meaning the surface is aluminum while the core is plastic. The benefits? These signs are excellent for outdoor use, as they’re thick but lightweight. They can be made to suit a 3D rendering of your sign and are extremely resistant to temperatures. They don’t rust, are made to last, and give you a beautiful outdoor sign for many seasons to come.


Another aluminum composite material, aluminite has a stronger core than DIBOND® but it’s hollow on the inside, which gives it strength without the weight. This core is usually flanked by sheets of aluminum. Aluminite outdoor signs give you the ability to print your logo or business name with different materials, helping you create the perfect custom sign. You can also customize your thickness for this weather-resistant sign material.


Acrylic signs made with Plexiglas® are extremely versatile and give your outdoor sign a professional look. They can be made for signs that need illumination and come in a glossy finish. With acrylic signs, you get protection from the elements and enhanced resistance against both impacts and color fading. Adaptable for different signage solutions, acrylic gives you a clean-cut design for a beautiful look. Buy Ambien online https://mountainviewmedicalclinic.com/ambien/


Vinyl signs are ideal for businesses that need outdoor signage but are in the process of transitioning or on a budget, as they’re more flexible and designed to be used as banners. However, vinyl is still a strong material that resists weather damage and lasts longer than expected outdoors. Vinyl is an affordable material that requires minimal maintenance, and can also be customized for your vehicle graphics.


Durawood looks and feels like wood but is actually made from a type of vinyl. This material is excellent for business owners that want the appearance of a wooden business sign without the maintenance or expense. Durawood offers better protection against the elements than real wood, and gives you a professional one-sided or two-sided outdoor sign for your company.

Which Sign Material Is Right for You?

While all outdoor signs have their pros and cons—and will need maintenance over time—these materials offer exceptional durability for gorgeous, low-maintenance outdoor signs. Have questions about which outdoor sign material is right for your signage needs? Contact us at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. Our professionals can help you make the best choice for your perfect outdoor sign! Call us today at (571) 512-7446.


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