Top-3 Window Sign Mistakes That Cost You Sales

Top-3 Window Sign Mistakes That Cost You Sales

After completing window signage and graphics installations for Northern Virginia fixtures Stitley & Karstetter and Pinks Blinds and Shutters, we got to thinking about common mistakes we see around town.

Today’s post spotlights the top-3 window sign mistakes that cost companies sales and burn through marketing budgets with poor results.

Which of the following mistakes are you making with your current window signs and graphics?

Poor Sign Design Hurting Sales In Northern Virginia

Ask any of Northern Virginia’s biggest marketing research firms and they’ll tell you that sign readability is essential for generating impressions. Bright colors, eye-popping designs, and soaring sign placements don’t matter if your window signs and graphics aren’t legible. This is especially problematic when you consider that the majority of your views come from people walking or driving by your store at a distance.

When it comes to poor legibility, insufficient contrast, wacky fonts, undersized letters, and overcrowding are some of the biggest culprits. If your window signs or graphics suffer from any of these design flaws, our talented in-house creative team can help.

Failing To Take The Customer’s Point Of View

Your sign installation duties aren’t complete until you’ve taken the customer’s point of view. In this case, that means walking or driving by your window signs and graphics to get an idea of the target audience’s experience. Taking five minutes to walk or drive around the block can reveal some glaring installation oversights, particularly where visual obstacles are concerned. Make sure that street signs, foot traffic, trees, and billboards aren’t obstructing your sign from too many different directions. While some locations make it impossible to retain 100% visibility from all angles, your goal should be to find a spot that maximizes your sight lines at all times.

Don’t worry–if you haven’t got the time or the eye for this kind of work, we can help. Installation is included as part of our 5-step process.

Letting Window Signs And Graphics Fall Out Of Date

Keeping window signs and graphics updated is important. These signs enjoy prominent positioning that generates thousands of impressions each day, which means they need to look their best. After all, according to research posted in Forbes magazine, “any sign of dirt or disorganization may turn customers away from your store, even if everything else about your offer is strong.” Peeling window graphics, faded window signs, or even expired promotional materials look bad on your brand, suggesting a general negligence, entropy, and inattention to detail that costs you sales.

Fortunately, window graphics and signs are both easy to maintain and affordable enough to update frequently, making them ideal for temporary sign solutions in Northern Virginia.

Free Window Signs And Graphics Quotes In Northern Virginia

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