Tips for Designing the Right Interior Signs for Offices

Interior signage

Interior signs are essential for representing your business, making the best first impression, and welcoming your clients. The right interior signs for your offices help establish trust and authority, so paying attention to details matters!

Representing your business through signage doesn’t just include your company name and logo. Signs throughout your office space—from directories to nameplates to promotional signs—allow you to express your company culture and create a sense of professionalism.

Here are our top tips for designing the right interior signs for offices to tell your story to clients and stand out from the competition!

Have Your Design Match Your Message

Your audience needs to be able to quickly grasp your message through your signage. Signage can convey a lot about your business and culture at a glance: who you are, what you offer, your history. Every element of your signs should have a purpose and work together to create an impression.

Signage is a visual representation of your business—and for some, it’s the only part of your company clients will remember, so it’s vital to have an impactful design.

Your design should align with your brand messaging across the board, including color scheme, shapes, and font. But remember that signage also needs to be easy to read, and some companies will need ADA-compliant signage as well. Any text should be brief and readable at a glance.

Logos often look best on large business signs, but they should also look great on different signs throughout your building and even on your website. A custom signage company can help you ensure your design has the most impact no matter where your customers see it!

Make Your Branding Cohesive for the Best Effect

Does your signage translate well throughout your entire interior office space? From ADA-compliant signage to directional signs, announcements, and room signs, your brand’s cohesiveness across different signs matters.

Signs that are dramatically different or don’t blend well with each other can create confusion and make clients feel as though your business isn’t really established, or worse still, leave them without a clear impression of who you are and what you offer.

Using similar materials, colors, and styles can enhance consistency and create a branded feel that translates effortlessly throughout your office space. Even if you have a need for many different interior signs or have a business with multiple locations, making the signage easily recognizable and unified goes a long way towards making your best impression on clients.

Branding cohesiveness is important, but lighting and placement are too, so it’s essential to work with a professional signage company that can take these factors into account to create an experience that your customers will remember.

Keep Your Goal in Mind With Directional and Promotional Signs

Signage is more than about aesthetics. Having a clear goal in mind when designing signage is essential. After all, you wouldn’t design your company logo without really understanding what you offer your customers, and directional and promotional signs are no different.

All signage in your interior office space should be easy to interpret. Less is usually more when it comes to color, as intense colors can draw the viewer’s focus away from your messaging. Too much information on signs also makes them difficult to read and takes away from their visual appeal.

Consider if your signage is meant to:

  • Advertise something

  • Identify something

  • Warn people

  • Direct people

  • Share information

Having a defined purpose will be your guide when creating a branded sign that still beautifully conveys information. Your audience matters when it comes to creating a common goal for signs. For example, retirement homes may use color-coded signs to help patients or staff identify certain areas, while law firms may want to stick with a similar color no matter what their signs convey.

Get a Consultation With a Signage Professional

Signs are an integral aspect of your interior office décor, and complying with ADA standards is essential. Getting a consultation with a local signage professional who can understand your brand, goals, and space can help you make the most of your signage with a truly representative and unique personality. No matter what type of business you have, let us help your customers understand what you offer and navigate your spaces with custom signage at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. Call us at (571) 512-7446 today!


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