What are Projecting Signs?

A projecting sign is a type of promotional sign that usually appears on the fronts of restaurants, bars, retail stores, and other businesses that customers frequent. The projecting sign projects out from the surface of the wall and displays a sign on each side of the panel, perpendicular to the business.

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Types of Projecting Signs

Wall Projecting Signs

Projecting signs can be firmly affixed to the wall with a bracket. Projecting wall signage provide increase visibility - two sign sides readable from 180°

Hanging Projecting Signs

You can hang your panel from the structure of the sign. Hanging signs move in the wind, and movement catches the eye better. However, on very windy days they might move too much, so there are pros and cons to both types.

Custom Projecting Signs

Well-designed and placed custom projecting signs are a great option to ensure your message is read loud and clear — from all directions.

Illuminated projecting Signs

Stand out from the crowd with our Illuminated Projecting Sign. Please call us for further inquiry.

Projecting Signs Features

Exceptional visibility

Projecting signs feature a panel, almost always double-sided, that displays the name of the business and makes it easily visible.


The projecting sign might also feature a logo, a slogan, graphics, or a phone number means one compact sign giving all information.


Projecting Signs are very durable signs.

Cost Effective

Projecting Signs are easy on pocket as they are not expensive at all.

What are Projecting Signs For?

Projecting signs are for making businesses visible to pedestrians and motorists. If you own a toy store in Fairfax with a storefront sign that faces straightforward, your business is really only visible to somebody standing right in front of it. A projecting sign makes your business visible to people walking or driving toward your store from either direction.

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