What are Privacy Window Films?

Window film for your home or business comes in a wide variety of options and features. Not all film is alike, so it is important to consider what is your top priority or what you want most out of window film and work from there. If privacy is your number one priority, you’ll be glad to know your choices are not limited.

Types of Privacy Window Film

Solar or Sun Control Window Films

Solar or sun control window films are the most popular choice of consumers. To gain privacy, customers will have to choose a dark window film like one with a 15% visible light transmission (VLT) such as 3M Night Vision 15 to make it more difficult for people outside of homes or buildings to be able to see in.

Privacy Mirror (One Way) Films

A privacy mirror or one way film is similar to what see popularized in TV shows and movies. A witness is in a viewing room looks at a police lineup in an adjoining room. The rooms are divided by a wall with a window that is mirrored with a film. In order for the one-way film to work properly, the viewing room must be dark or have a minimal amount of light.

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films give the homeowner or business owner an option to customize their glass without having to go to the effort of replacing the glass to get a stained glass or etched glass appearance. There are literally hundreds of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from all to reach the level of privacy you desire.

Blackout / Whiteout / Translucent (Frosted Appearance) Films

Blackout, whiteout, or translucent films are a total privacy solution. Often times these films are turned to for creating privacy in a room or to obscure from view the objects or people in a room. The translucent films, which are the films that have that frosted appearance, are very popular for bathrooms

Privacy Window Film's Features

Safeguard your precious furniture

Finding the right piece of furniture that complements the size and style of your home can be a difficult process. Excessive sun exposure can fade and damage your precious furniture findings, but window tinting can help!

Guard against the sun’s damaging UV rays

It is quite rare to see a family applying sun lotion for a day spent in their home’s sunroom. Most families are lucky enough to remember to apply sun protection when spending a day at the beach

Minimize damages during window breaks

Whether in a residential or commercial building, window panes are always seemingly at risk of breaking under the force of an errant softball. Window tinting adds an extra layer of protection so that your building windows break in a fashion similar to that seen with car windows.

Increase your privacy

Window film really does provide the homeowner with the best of both worlds. Window tint will still let beautiful light into your home while obscuring your home’s interior to sidewalk audiences.

What are Privacy Window Film For?

Light effects window films refract light producing a three-dimensional quality. These thin, translucent films provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

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