Our Core Values

In the break room of our facility in Manassas, Virginia, there is a prominently placed sign that displays the Core Values of our company. We placed it in a prominent common area to remind us every day of what motivates us. These Core Values shape the culture of our organization. But more importantly, they are the foundation of who we are, not only as an organization, but as people. And the word at the top of our list of Core Values is People.

What We Value the Most

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how there is nothing like a crisis to bring out the best in American values. The last few months have and are certainly continuing to test that proposition. The disruption this pandemic is causing in many Americans’ livelihoods is probably more distressing than anything they have experienced. For some, this can bring out the most basic of instincts, survival. More than ever, it is critical that we band together to protect what we value the most: People.

We the People

Another word that stands out on that list in our break room is Community. In a recent article columnist David Von Drehle wrote, “We are launched on a great experiment. Can this union of states, this republic of shopkeepers, this democratic experiment, this mecca of individual initiative, meet this crisis as one people….?” We believe individual talent is a critical component in our organization’s success.  But more importantly, we believe in compounding the individual talents of our People with the power of teamwork, not only in the workplace, but in our Community.

The Greater Good

The final word on that list on our break room that I am going to mention is Service. We believe that through Service, to ourselves and to one another, we will get through this crisis together.  It will take commitment to serve one another to ensure the health and safety of our communities.  Commitment to follow the protocols and guidelines being promulgated by our governors, our mayors, and our public health officials. And it will take trust that those leaders will make decisions based on the best interests of us as one People.

The Centers for Disease Control has excellent resources for businesses and employers, to include a publication titled Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.

The Communities We Serve

We are committed to serving our communities in Northern Virginia and the DC metro area. Legendary Custom Signs proudly serves our Manassas community. We also serve all communities of Prince William, Fairfax, Loudon, Fauquier, and Arlington counties. And we can help you, too!

If your business is in need of temporary signage to cope with the current crisis or prepare your business to reopen, complete the Request a Consultation form at the top of this page or call 571-512-7446 for a free consultation with a member of our team.  Until then, stay safe and we look forward to working with you.


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