Optimizing Custom Point Of Purchase Displays: How To Find The Right Provider

Optimizing Custom Point of Purchase Displays: How to Find the Right Provider

To say that in-store marketing has changed over the past couple decades is a major understatement. And yet, in the face of these changes, one truism remains: point of purchase displays still command a central position in consumer’s path to purchase.

In a survey conducted by P-O-P Times magazine, business owners identified a number of important benefits of point of purchase displays, including:

  • Short-term sales lifts – 19% for permanent displays and 23.8% for temporary displays, on average
  • Brand building opportunities
  • Activating promotional messages at retail
  • New product introductions

But in order to unlock these benefits, you need to find the right provider.

To that end, today’s post is all about what to prioritize as you research local sign shops, and how to tell the good point of purchase display providers from the bad.

The #1 Factor When Choosing Point Of Purchase Display Providers

“Which factors do you use to select a full-service P-O-P producer?”

That’s what P-O-P Times asked a roundtable of business owners as part of the Path to Purchase Institute’s 2016 P-O-P Trends Survey.

The answer, unsurprisingly, was quality.

While existing relationships with P-O-P producers, low prices, fast service, and referrals did influence some buyers, superior product and service quality still ranked number-one among survey respondents. Experienced buyers know that you can’t cut corners with point of purchase displays in terms of quality, and that means doing your research on local businesses.

How To Find Quality Point Of Purchase Display Providers

You know you can’t cut corners, so how do you spot quality providers?

If you’re in Northern Virginia, you’re in luck: Legendary Custom Signs is here to help. Give us a call and find out why hundreds of local businesses in Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier and Arlington counties trust us, year after year, to provide signage that yields bountiful sales lifts.

If you’re not local, that’s okay too–not only do we ship all over the United States, but we’ve assembled some quality indicators you can use during your research, using our business practices as the “gold standard.”

Make Sure Your Point Of Purchase Display Providers Are Legendary

Legendary Custom Signs offers world class customer service, superior craftsmanship, high quality materials, and affordability. But every sign company will tell you that–how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

You’ve got to look a little deeper.

Does your chosen company have any industry affiliations? These are useful quality indicators. For example, Legendary Signs is a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Sign Association, the International Sign Association, and the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, as well as a 3M affiliate.

What do they guarantee? Legendary Signs guarantees the craftsmanship of all products and will promptly remedy any manufacturing defects caused by any process failures. We also guarantee that we will recommend the best materials for the job–for your job, which means they’ll be high quality and durable, without breaking the budget you set. That leads into our third promise: affordability. We pledge to implement best practices that create value for customers and allow us to pass the savings onto you.

Finally, are you impressed by what you see in their display gallery? Actions always speak louder than words.

Free Point Of Purchase Display Quotes In Northern Virginia

Call 571-512-7446 or visit the Legendary Custom Signs website to book a free design consultation online.


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