Logo Sign Considerations For ‘legendary’ Results

Logo Sign Considerations For 'legendary' Results

After recently completing logo signs for Northern Virginia brands Homebridge and Virginia Family Law Center, the Legendary team is ready to share some design tips. Read on to learn how we get “Legendary” results!

Honor The Brand With Every Wall Sign And Graphic

Honoring brand identity is essential for worthwhile logo sign design.

For instance, fast food restaurant owners often want colorful signs that create a sense of fun, whimsy, nostalgia, or excitement. As you might imagine, this brand image is vastly different than what “professional” clients like Virginia Family Law Center and Homebridge look for in logo signs. Brand identity will affect everything from color and design layout to the basic sign style.

Before you set out to design your logo signs, make sure you know the brand like the back of your hand! That means knowing the target market, the competition, and, most importantly, the company values. At Legendary Custom Signs, defining brand ideology is a critical part of the design process that allows our talented in-house team to capture the heart and soul of your company in every logo sign, wall sign and graphic.

Be Original To Stand Out In Northern Virginia

If you’ve spent any time researching how to design wall signs, wall graphics, logo signs, or other indoor signs, you’ve probably seen mention of “impressions.” Marketers love impressions–measuring them, converting them, making them, and of course charging for them! The best logo signs make thousands of impressions every day, which quickly exceeds the number you’d get from a one-off, budget-breaking TV commercial.

A simple (but easier-said-than-done) way to make more impressions with your logo sign is to be original. With every other business in Northern Virginia desperately fighting for impressions, and a finite amount of audience attention out there, stock logo signs won’t cut it. Templates and standard signs get tuned out, blending into Northern Virginia’s crowded signscape instead of grabbing eyes.

Original designs are the way to go. That’s why we invest so much in training and outfitting our in-house creative team. Whatever you can imagine, we can create.

Connect To Northern Virginians With Color

Whether you’re designing a logo sign, wall graphic, or indoor signs for point of sale displays, color counts in a big way! Plan your palette; don’t reduce color selection to a matter of personal preference or convenience. Color plays a major role in creating your brand image by evoking emotion. For example, red sends the message that your brand is passionate and energetic, while blue is more calming and conveys a sense of intelligence and togetherness. Choosing the right color can prime or trigger emotions in viewers that help them connect with your brand. Ask our design team for more help picking the right palette.

Free Logo Sign Quotes In Northern Virginia

Visit the Legendary Custom Signs contact page or call 571-512-7446 to book a free logo sign design consultation with a member of our team. We proudly serve owners in Prince William, Fairfax, Loudon, Fauquier, and Arlington counties, along with businesses throughout the US.


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