Investment Or Expense? Top-5 Projecting Sign Perks

Investment Or Expense? Top-5 Projecting Sign Perks

Compared to some other types of signage, projecting signs can be relatively “big-ticket” purchases. That’s especially true for bespoke illuminated projecting signs that use modern graphics and materials.

But rather than considering your projecting sign purchase purely as an expense, we like to think of it as more of an investment. Thanks to the following 5 perks, projecting signs generate more impressions, drive more sales, and build brand authority better than almost any other kind of storefront advertising.

  • Projecting signs are easier to spot. One of the biggest advantages that projecting signs have over other storefront signage options is visibility. Being mounted above head height, they’re readable from longer distances, even with thick foot traffic or unfavorable weather conditions. And since most people notice and read signs as they’re walking towards them–not when they’re standing right outside the store–that puts your projecting sign in the best possible position to get spotted and make more impressions.
  • Projecting signs double your coverage. Most signs are mounted flat against the substrate, which means they can only be viewed when you’re standing opposite the business. But why target those people, when your storefront is right before their eyes already? Projecting signs display your message to people walking perpendicular to the angle your business is facing–in other words, people on the sidewalks and roads leading to your door. By investing in projecting signs, you make sure to hit these angles, while your other storefront signage engages audiences that are already up close and personal.
  • Projecting signs are viewable from both sides. Projecting signs have two visible sides, which means you can engage people coming from both directions, or even feature two completely different ads on a single sign. With the option of getting two signs for the price of one, it’s clear that projecting signs are an investment (and a great one, at that), not an expense!
  • Projecting signs take advantage of vertical space. Already stuffed your storefront space full of signs and promos? Trying to keep the window frontage clear to show off the inside of your business? In either case, projecting signs are the perfect solution.Projecting signs don’t even need to be affixed to your actual building. Just find a suitable support structure that’s approved by your local sign ordinances, and you’re good to go.
  • Projecting signs are visible at night. Low-light visibility is critical for businesses that ply their trade at night–pubs, restaurants, clubs, and the like–but it’s equally important for 9-to-5 companies during the winter months, when it gets dark in the late afternoon. Projecting signs can be illuminated in a variety of ways. But even unilluminated options enjoy greater visibility than traditional ground-level signs because their installation height puts them closer to street lighting!

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