How to Leverage Store Front Signs for Business Boosts

How to Leverage Store Front Signs for Business Boosts

In a 2012 study, almost 8 in 10 (76 percent) American consumer respondents indicated that they had entered a store they had never visited before based solely on its signs. Moreover, nearly 7 in 10 (68 percent) indicated they had actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

Conclusion? You can leverage store front signs for business boosts. And Legendary Custom Signs and Graphics can help.

Today’s post explains how to make the most of this local marketing asset, courtesy of our sign design team.

 Using Store Front Signs For Business Boosts: Top-3 Buyer Tips

  • Choose a sign type that builds your brand. Every sign type tells a different story, so it’s important to pick one that serves your brand image. For instance, wooden signs or signs that appear to made of wood are best for businesses aiming for a vintage look, while metal logos and lettering is typically used for upscale retailers or restaurants around Northern Virginia. Awning signs and A-frames are much more common for casual diners and food establishments–and they’d look completely out of place outside a lawyer’s office! Clearly, sign type matters; the style and material you choose can hurt or help your business in a big way. For help choosing the best sign type to build your brand in Northern Virginia, call 571-512-SIGN to speak with our design experts.
  • Leverage proven design principles. There aren’t many sign design secrets left. Plenty of research has been done on what designs work best for catching the eye, making impressions, and generating foot traffic. Generally speaking, it’s about simplicity–short and simple sign copy, common words, easy-to-read-fonts, and plenty of negative space. You can look sign design principles up on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask for professional help from our designers.
  • Know the law. Your business location may have certain legalities to consider regarding sign installation. Check with local city planners and authorities before you make your move. If you need help determining relevant sign laws for your business storefront sign in Northern Virginia, Legendary Custom Signs and Graphics can help.

Custom Storefront Signs For Business Owners In Northern Virginia

Businesses throughout Northern Virginia trust Legendary Custom Signs and Graphics with their storefront signage.

That’s because we are committed to delivering storefront signage solutions of the highest quality. This is reflected by our 5-step sign manufacturing method, which involves:

  1. Signage Consultation. Sit down with an account manager and share your vision for the perfect store front sign. This fun collaborative process is where we learn about your needs, preferences, and budget, and it’s your first chance to explore our sign catalogue.
  2. Sign Design. After your consultation, a sign design expert will work closely with your account manager to convert your sign concept into a stunning graphic. We use the latest digital rendering technology and a proprietary color management process to ensure our designs honor your brand and vision.
  3. Sign Manufacture. Once you approve the design, it’s delivered to our fabricators, who bring your dream to life using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a proven manufacturing process.
  4. Sign Installation. A hand-picked team of sign specialists work closely with your account manager to make sure your sign is mounted to your exact specifications, on-schedule, and without any hassle.
  5. Sign Maintenance and Repair. Our commitment to quality signage solutions in Northern Virginia doesn’t end after your installation is complete. We guarantee the craftsmanship of our products to ensure your sign lasts as long as you expect. We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all custom store front signage.

If you want to learn more about our consultation and design processes, please contact us through our website or by calling us at 571-512-7446.


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