How Point of Purchase Signage Can Help Increase Your Sales

Point of Purchase Signs

Point-of-purchase (POP) signage refers to any temporary or permanent signage in the area surrounding cash registers that advertises a product. Signage has untapped potential in helping to promote a product, especially when it’s well-designed.

POP signage isn’t just strategically placed to get the attention of customers to make a purchase—it gives you a chance to showcase your brand and build brand loyalty. Here’s how professionally designed POP signage can help increase your sales!

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Customized signage can help your brand stand out from the competition. Signage that showcases your brand and delivers targeted information can remove objections to a customer purchasing a product.

The location of your POP signage, while important, is only part of the effort to boost sales. Eye-level information, attention-grabbing colors, and effective call-to-actions (CTAs) can help customers choose your product at the point of purchase.

Customers make more decisions at the point of purchase than at any other time while shopping, so this is an excellent opportunity to bring their attention to your product with strategic POP signage.

Communicate Your Message to the Customer

Branding is an essential component of point of purchase signage. A store display allows you to communicate your brand to shoppers at a key moment—the moment they’re about to purchase.

New products can grab customers’ attention, but without POP signage, customers may not feel persuaded to purchase a product. POP signage gives your brand a chance to communicate what you offer and persuade with colors, phrases, and lighting, to name a few features.

POP signage can help customers become aware of your brand and products and boost your sales. POP signage can also keep your brand and products relevant to consumers as time goes on, especially since repeated exposures to the product increase the chances of purchase.

Expose Shoppers to New Products

Even if your brand is established, POP signage is an effective way to introduce shoppers to new items you’re offering after your product is launched in stores. Striking and persuasive POP signage can help customers make the decision to try a new product or a new brand than if they were to just see the item on the shelf in the aisle.

Important Considerations for Your POP Signage

It’s essential to determine your goals when developing POP signage, which is where a professional signage company can help. Of course, your end goal is to make a sale, but you also want to maximize your impact on the consumer to build brand loyalty and make the most of your POP signage.

A few important considerations when designing your POP signage include:

  • The color psychology of your brand

  • The particular location of the signage

  • The form your signage will take, such as a banner, stand, or signs that attach to shelving

  • The size and material of your display

  • Any graphics that will convey your brand messaging

Your POP signage is a chance to increase sales and make your brand more successful, so don’t underestimate the importance of well-designed signage for your company!

Need Help With POP Display Solutions?

If you’re launching a new brand or a new product, POP displays can take your sales to the next level. Need help with creating effective signage that’ll maximize your display’s impact on consumers? We can help at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. Call us today to start designing your POP signage at (571) 512-7446!


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