How Interior Office Signs Pay Off for Your Business

How Interior Office Signs Pay Off for Your Business

Great interior office signs make your business looks professional and give your employees a workplace they’re proud to call their own. That translates to happy workers and better workplace performance—science says so!

But don’t take our word for it. Today’s post reviews some compelling research on the real-money value of high-quality interior office signs for businesses in Northern Virginia.

Science Says Interior Office Signs Pay Off

Numerous studies have shown that office environments influence employee well-being, attitudes, work performance, and productivity (Kamarulzaman et al., 2011, p. 266).

A meta-analysis of research in the Procedia Engineering journal, which included dozens of studies conducted over the past few decades, concluded that, “From the literature reviews, it is very clear that indoor environments in an office have a great influence on employees‘ attitudes, behaviors, satisfaction and work performance” (p. 268).

For instance, Dole and Schroeder (2001) focused specifically on how various interior design factors affected the performance, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions of professional accountants. Interior office signs play a big part here, often acting as the “centerpiece” or “marquee” of the work environment. Ultimately, they found that employees who are more satisfied with the physical environment are “more likely to produce better work outcomes,” meaning greater productivity with fewer mistakes.

As such, well-designed office signs really pay off for your business.  But what does “well-designed” really mean?

A lot goes into it—more than we could cover in a single article—but let’s start simple with color. Believe it or not, the color of your interior office sign speaks volumes about your business and has a major impact on office morale and productivity.

Choosing the right color for your interior office sign is critical. According to research by Garris and Monroe (2005), color affects not only mood but also wellness and productivity. Further studies have shown that colors also influence office employee psychology, with different combinations capable of providing comfort, calmness, stimulation, and alertness (Kamaruzzaman & Zawawi, 2010).

So how do you choose the right color for your company?

Our team recently completed an interior office sign project for a law firm in Northern Virginia, Virginia Family Law Center:

How Interior Office Signs Pay Off for Your Business

The Procedia Engineering journal states that neutral color schemes are best for jobs that require intense concentration, whereas journalists and content creators tend to perform best with exciting and energetic colors with high contrast value. But remember: “neutral” does not always mean grey and beige. Most colors can work well as neutrals by using more sedate tones.  Our team was able to create an interior sign for the customer that kept to their neutral color scheme yet was able to provide an impactful contrast for their corporate logo.

Another recently completed interior office sign project was for an office of certified public accountants and business advisors in Northern Virginia, Stitely & Karstetter:

How Interior Office Signs Pay Off for Your Business

Color research by O’Brien (2007) suggests that a “blue office is ideal for someone who must focus and concentrate on numbers… and yellow is suitable for sales offices.” Working with the customer, we chose a style of sign that would incorporate their corporate logo with high-impact colors in sedated neutral tones and standout well from the blue wall near the entrance to their lobby.  Now their office not only maximizes workplace productivity, it looks great doing it.

Our design team can help you choose appropriate colors that ensure your office space creates the desired “headspace” for maximum productivity and employee well-being. We’ve got the training, experience, and equipment, and we’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to.

Free Interior Office Sign Design Consultation In Northern Virginia

Legendary Custom Signs is located at the intersection of Northern Virginia where we serve all of Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier and Arlington counties. This includes the independent cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, City of Fairfax, Alexandria, and City of Falls Church. We also serve the greater Washington, DC metro area.

Call 571-512-7446 to design impressive interior office signs that inspire great performances from your team today. You can also book your free consultation via the Legendary Custom Signs Contact Page.


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