What are Hanging Signs?

A hanging sign is a sign where the panel hangs from a structure. The human eye is attracted to movement so a sign that is swaying gently in the breeze is likely to generate more impressions than a static sign.

Hanging signs also feature a chain, rope, or wire that suspends the panel. The type of suspension you choose should be based on both practical and aesthetic concerns. We have a team of expert signage consultants who can help you with the creation of your customized hanging sign. If you want to discuss more the sign related services we offer, give us a call today.

Types of Hanging Signs

Acrylic Hanging Signs

present a very sleek, polished contemporary business or promotional image. Acrylic hanging signs are the first choice when you want to create upscale, designer hanging signs for your business or promotion.

Foam Core Ultra Hanging Signs

Perfect for retail applications and other interior hanging sign needs. Foam core ultra is far superior than traditional foam core because each sheet is coated with thin, solid, perfectly smooth plastic.

Banner Hanging Signs

are economical as well as one of the most versatile hanging signs on the market today. Banners make excellent hanging signs, not only because they are lightweight, but because they also are extremely simple to install.

Engraved Hanging Signs

Adds a personal touch to any business or personal space. Engraved hanging signs are available in metal, plastic and acrylic.

Hanging Signs Features

Exceptional visibility

When you need to convey an important message, Hanging Signs exceptional visibility guarantees more impressions.

Cost Effective Signs

Hanging signs are cost-effective because they are hanging in the air above your store, they are less prone to damages. This makes the average lifespan of a hanging sign quite long.

Easy to Install

Hanging signs comes with light-weight aluminum structure, consisting of just a few parts. This results in easy and really quick setup of the sign.

High Visibility

Hanging signs are highly visible. Consider the difference a hanging sign can make at your store and get all the advantages they offer.

What are Hanging Signs For?

Hanging signs can be used for everything from wayfinding to storefront signage. Some realtors use hanging signs as real estate signs and many businesses prefer hanging signs for their business signage. If you run a retail store, you could install a hanging projecting sign to your storefront to generate more impressions than a static sign probably would.

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