Do I Need Dedicated Lighting for My Custom Signage?

lighted signage

Custom signage is an excellent way to showcase your brand and draw more attention to your business. However, in order for your signage to have maximum impact, people should be able to see your sign whether it’s day or night.

Dedicated lighting makes this possible. While you don’t technically need dedicated lighting for your custom signage, here’s why investing in the right lighting for your sign can make all the difference for your business!

Signs With Lighting Ensure Visibility No Matter What

Lighted signs help your business stand out from the competition by ensuring your business name or logo is visible no matter what. Around the clock, even in poor weather conditions, your business signage is essentially advertising for itself with dedicated lighting.

While signs without lighting help advertise your company name during the day, you’re missing out on double the advertising simply by neglecting lighting for your sign. If your business is open after dark, dedicated lighting is absolutely necessary for helping customers find you!

Make Your Sign More Memorable

Dedicated lighting can also serve to make your sign more memorable to customers. Proper lighting for your signage can grab peoples’ attention and make your sign easy to see and read.

The right lighting can also help enhance your branding by conveying your company personality, such as by using colored lights or varying brightness depending on your needs.

Signs with lights tend to get noticed more than signs without dedicated lighting. You can maximize the impact of your signage and make it memorable to potential customers with lighting options such as backlighting, lightbox signs, front-lit signs, and external lighting.

Give Your Sign a More Professional Appearance

With dedicated lighting, especially backlighting, you can give your sign a more professional appearance. While backlight signs may not be quite as visible as lightbox signs or front-lit signs, backlighting can make signs look more tasteful and elegant, and therefore draw in the attention of your customers more.

What type of lighting you’d like for your sign all depends on your branding, logo, and business location. When you want to make your signage stand out in the best way and maximize your advertising potential, dedicated lighting goes a long way.

We Help You Bring Your Sign to Life!

Our team at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics helps you bring your sign to life with our dedicated lighting options. Let us take your vision for your sign and make it a reality with our extensive material choices, industry expertise, and professional customer service. Call us today at (571) 512-7446!


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