Custom Vehicle Wrap Design for The Junkluggers of Gainesville

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As a repeat customer of Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics, The Junkluggers of Gainesville relies on the design expertise, product quality, and customer service that the Legendary Signs team offers. For their next project, the client needed vehicle wraps for their trucks that would get the attention of potential customers and be an effective marketing tool.

Legendary Custom Signs helped the client design the layout for the truck wrap that would meet the five requirements Legendary Custom Signs has for effective vehicles graphics, which are, in order of priority:

1. Eye-catching design that guarantees to get the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

To be an effective marketing tool, the client needed a vehicle wrap that was impossible to ignore, therefore netting the attention of as many potential customers as possible. The Legendary Custom Signs team achieved this with a bold color with white lettering for the company’s name.

2. A design that’s not so cluttered that the viewer can’t quickly grasp the message.

As people normally only have seconds to dechiper vehicle wraps, the design and message need to be easy to grasp. With the Junkluggers design, the lettering is easy to see and read, allowing people to understand in seconds who this company is and what they offer.

vehicle wrap

3. Company name prominently displayed with letters as large as is feasible that fits the design and the other requirements.

With appropriate sizing and lettering that fit the clients’ design and branding, the Junkluggers vehicle wrap makes the company name easily readable while still fulfilling their other design requirements.

4. If the company name doesn’t effectively convey the message of the products or services, then use a few bulletized items that will, with letters as large as is feasible, fit the design and the other requirements.

As the company name accurately and effectively conveys what this client does, bulletized items were unnecessary in addition to the company name. As such, the Legendary Custom Signs team was able to keep the design simple yet impactful. (

5. Include website and phone number, as large as is feasible, that fits the design and the other requirements.

The client’s website and phone number fit easily into their simplistic vehicle wrap design, making the company name and contact information as easy to see and read as possible.

The client absolutely loves how the vehicle wrap design turned out and is looking forward to work with Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics for their next project.


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