Church Monument Signs


Monument signs are a type of free-standing sign that churches normally have near the road where people enter the property. Your church signage makes a big impression on your community and should clearly state your church name and perhaps a slogan while also being welcoming.

There are different types of monument signs and materials you can use to showcase your church and welcome visitors, volunteers, and congregation members. Which type of sign and material would be best for your particular place of worship?

Traditional Free-Standing Monument Signs

Although these signs aren’t just for churches and other places of worship, traditional free-standing monument signs are one of the most popular types of signage for religious facilities. When built and maintained properly, they can last for generations.

Free-standing monument signs typically use natural materials such as stone or wood to support a sign that can be made from any weather-safe material, including aluminum, DIBOND®, Dura-wood, or even foam-core signs with an acrylic covering.

Monument signs are made to be weather-resistant and are typically low to the ground but can still easily be seen by passersby when they are the correct size and use appropriately sized letters and text. Monument signs can also include marquee signs underneath to display quotes, verses, special events, and service times.

Digital or Traditional Marquee Signs

Although marquee signs can be combined with free-standing monument signs, they can also function as their own sign for churches. Digital marquee signs are increasing in popularity, as they catch peoples’ attention and give staff a way to change the message on the board easily.

Digital marquee signs automatically make advertising after dark easy—no extra lighting is needed. Whether you want a traditional marquee sign where you manually change the letters or a digital one, these signage options are a popular addition to a variety of church monument signs.

Tall Free-Standing Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is mounted on a tall pole, or two poles, for places of worship located in areas where a lower sign would be more difficult to see. The poles are generally made of metal but can be constructed with other materials as well.

The actual sign on a pylon sign can be made with metal, acrylic, a marquee sign, or polycarbonate, which provides more durability for your sign when it comes to weather and fading from sunlight.

Pylon signs typically require lighting, especially since the signs need to be seen from a distance away. If you have a church, synagogue, or another religious facility that’s far off the road, pylon signs are an excellent option.

Customizable Post and Panel Signs

Although post and panel signs don’t look quite as elegant as monument signs, they generally are a more affordable signage option for churches. Post and panel signs also work great as temporary signage until you can install your monument sign.

Post and panel signs are highly customizable and can be paired with lighting for better visibility. Although they are generally made of wood, you can have your sign made out of any material depending on your budget and how long you need the sign to last.

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