Case Study: Interior & Exterior Signage for Teachables

Outdoor Reverse cut, push-through acrylic letters

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics worked with a new business called Teachables, an educational supply store located at 10302 Bristow Center Drive in Bristow, Virginia.

The owner, Jennifer Powell, needed new interior signs as well as door and window graphics. In addition, the company needed a façade sign for their new business space.

Jennifer had a logo for her company and a budget but wasn’t sure what products would work within that budget. She chose Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics because they responded promptly to her company’s signage needs and made the entire process hassle-free, all while working within her budget.

First Step: Hanging a Temporary Banner

teachables bannerTeachables wanted a temporary banner installed on the façade until the channel letters, capsule box, and logo were ready for installation.

Without any signage on the façade, Jennifer was being told that it was difficult to find her store because Google Maps had her business location at a different place than the actual store.

The Google Maps issue was resolved, and Legendary Signs installed a temporary banner after receiving permission from the landlord. The temporary signage was a 13-ounce vinyl banner, measuring 160 inches long by 35 inches high with the Teachables logo, business name, and tagline digitally printed on it. 

Next Step: Installing Exterior Signage & Overcoming Challenges

teachables outdoor signThe Legendary Custom Signs team then worked to install the façade, which was constructed with internally illuminated channel letters, a capsule box, and a logo. To install the sign, the client also needed a permit. 

There were several challenges the team overcame with this custom signage project. The first was a minor issue with the sign criteria the landlord supplied, which was somewhat outdated. However, Legendary Custom Signs was able to receive approval for the current sign.

Another minor setback was the permit from the county, which took longer than expected. In addition, due to a shortage in parts for the sign, the returns were four inches rather than the standard five inches, which the landlord approved.

Once the exterior sign was installed, there was also an issue with the photocell in which the signs didn’t illuminate at night. Legendary Custom Signs correctly anticipated that the parking lot lights were keeping the sign from coming on at night, since too much light was entering the photocell for it to register that it was nighttime.

After speaking with Jennifer and the landlord about the options, the team decided to switch to a different type of photocell, which worked as the lights came on that night. 

Final Step: Installing Window & Door Graphics

teachables window graphicsTeachables also wanted window and door graphics installed for their business. They wanted a full-color logo with frosted vinyl text underneath one window.

Then, on the entry door, they wanted frosted vinyl consisting of the business name and store hours. Legendary Custom Signs was able to accommodate the clients’ last-minute change of font, which took extra production labor and time.

teachable interior signLegendary Custom Signs also manufactured and installed two interior logo signs consisting of a full-color print of their logo applied to a half-inch thick ultra-board cut to the logo’s shape. 

Jennifer was great to work with throughout the entire process and really patient through all of the challenges this project entailed. Now, she has contemporary signage that people can easily see and use to locate her store!


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