Best Practices For High-Performance Real Estate For Sale Signs

Best Practices for High-Performance Real Estate for Sale Signs

Today’s post runs down 5 design and installation best practices for better real estate ‘For Sale’ sign returns.

  • Mixing up real estate sign priorities. The goal of any real estate ‘For Sale’ sign is obvious–it’s in the name, after all. That’s right–surprise, surprise–the whole point of your real estate sign is to sell your house. And for most people, that means getting potential buyers in contact with your real estate agent.Fancy graphics, clever copy, and unique sign designs won’t sell your house on their own, so they shouldn’t be given center stage. Instead, your design should naturally steer the reader towards all the necessary information a potential customer would need to close a deal: the agent’s name and number, how to find the online listing, open house times, etc.
  • Don’t forget to brand real estate ‘For Sale’ signs. The reason is twofold: not only does this branding give your agency some free advertising, it also gives the customer greater confidence in your abilities. Think of your brand logo as a stamp of approval that legitimizes the potential transaction in the mind of the customer.Place your logo somewhere prominent and use brand colors on the sign as much as possible. At Legendary Custom Signs, we can recreate any brand advertising materials in full color with stunning precision, and all of our real estate ‘For Sale’ signs can be customized in any color you wish.
  • Steer clear of fancy fonts. Elaborate fonts might seem like an easy way to create a haute brand image, but they’re an inconvenience at best. At worst, they can make signs almost impossible to read, especially by drivers, which can literally cost your client a sale.When choosing fonts, go with function over form. Readability is the most important thing–refer back to tip #1 as necessary! Proven-effective fonts like Helvetica, Garamond, Trajan, Futura, and Verdana work just fine.
  • Make white space work for you. Crowding real estate ‘For Sale’ signs with too much content and imagery is a common mistake for new agents. If your sign looks like a splashboard or a wall of text, you’ve got some work to do. Remember: most readers will only give your sign a passing glance, 3-5 seconds on average. If your message can’t be absorbed in its entirety in that time frame, you’re in trouble. As a general rule, you want to leave about 30-40% of your sign empty. This pop of white space makes your real estate ‘For Sale’ signs look lighter and more approachable, which draws readers in.
  • Optimize your installation. Make sure to choose a spot that’s easily viewable from both sidewalk and road, but doesn’t obstruct any of the main features that give your property its curb appeal. Also make sure that the area you choose works in all seasons (e.g. avoid installing behind a tree that will blossom and obstruct it during the spring).

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