6 Tips to Build Better Trade Show Signage Displays

6 Tips to Build Better Trade Show Signage Displays

If you’re not advertising at exhibitions with trade show signage displays, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

A 2013 study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) found that 92% of tradeshow attendees come to see and learn about what’s new in products and services. That’s a huge number of leads, many of whom come to the show with strong buyer intent. In fact, data from one Northern Virginia exhibition found that more than half (51%) of trade show attendees requested meetings with sales representatives after the show.

If you’re considering exhibiting at a trade show for the first time or upgrading your current trade show signage displays, today’s post is for you. Read on to learn 6 tips to outperform the competition with better trade show signage displays courtesy of the Legendary Custom Signs and Graphics team.

6 Tips For Better Trade Show Signage Displays

  • Start small, scale up. If you’re a small business owner planning your first trade show experience, we recommend renting the smallest possible booth space to begin with. Even with meticulous planning, first-timers are always surprised by how much they learn about what works for them and what doesn’t, and come away bursting with ideas about what to change for the next exhibition. Embrace the fact that you won’t get it perfect your first time out and keep your expenses down as you learn. Once you’ve got a handle on things, it takes no time at all to scale up your trade show signage displays with our team!
  • Emphasize “open-concept” trade show signage displays. Trade shows are stuffed with foot traffic from start to finish, but nobody’s going to visit a booth that creates a traffic jam. Make sure your trade show signage displays don’t crowd your booth or hem people in. Open spaces are more inviting, and they make it easier to create natural “focal points” where important information and calls-to-action can be displayed.
  • Tailor your trade show signage displays to your surroundings. Consider the size and layout of your allotted space. If your booth is smack dab in the middle of a crowded trade show floor, you may want to consider banners or hanging signs to stand out. If your booth has a table, you may want small tabletop options, or taller freestanding solutions. Using your surroundings makes your booth look better and also makes it easier to create natural walkways to promote healthy foot traffic flow.
  • Keep it simple. Your company probably has dozens of great reasons why customers should choose your products or services, but they don’t all belong on your trade show signage displays. Think of your signage as the “elevator pitch” for your business–not a complete catalogue or company history lesson. Limit yourself to a handful of your best, most eye-catching value propositions that leave the customer wanting more. Remember: your ultimate goal with trade show signage displays is to get customers talking to booth staff.
  • Focus on a single call-to-action. Your booth may have multiple calls to action “active” at one time, such as participating in a demo, placing sales orders, leaving business cards, or talking to booth staff, but limit yourself to one per sign. Crowding signs with multiple calls to action dilutes their impact and can confuse the reader.
  • Design your sign to be read from afar. The goal of your trade show signage displays is to get people talking to your booth staff, so focus on attracting people from afar rather than informing them up-close.According to the International Sign Association, the 5 key factors for sign visibility are size, angle, location, luminance, and color combination. Your sign design should optimize each of these key factors to make the maximum number of impressions. If you need help in this regard, contact Legendary Custom Signs and Graphics–our design experts are always happy to talk shop!

Custom Trade Show Signage Displays In Northern Virginia

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