5 Tips for Better Retractable Banner Displays

5 Tips for Better Retractable Banner Displays

Today’s post runs down 5 tips for better retractable banner displays and explains how to get a 100% free quote and design consultation in Northern Virginia!

Optimizing Your Retractable Banner Display Design

  • Respect the “visual hierarchy” and put your best content up top. Have you ever heard the old saying that the cream always rises to the top? It means a good action or idea won’t go unnoticed for long, but it also carries an important lesson for your retractable banner display design: we expect good things to “rise to the top,” which is why you should respect the “visual hierarchy’ and keep your logo and important information at the very top of your banner design! It’s naturally the first place that new viewers look. Placing these design elements at the top helps make stronger impressions and immediately contextualized your message by helping the viewer identify the “speaker” (in this case, your brand). Follow this with your main message or slogan at eye-level, then place any supplementary info at the bottom.
  • Leverage our natural reading habits for better banner design flow. We’re all taught to read from top-to-bottom, left-to-right, so why would you design your retractable banners any differently? Combine this tip with the previous idea of “visual hierarchy” to help your message stick and keep readers engaged.
  • Keep your banner copy short and sweet. On average, you’ll have 3-7 seconds to hook a viewer. If they can’t digest your retractable banner display’s message in that short window, they’ll likely just move on to something else. Remember: your banner is only a piece of your complete retractable banner display and signage system. Leave the rest of the information for your tabletop banner, backdrop, or associates to provide.
  • Don’t skimp on image quality. Everybody wants imagery on their banners, but it’s not always worthwhile. If you’re not willing to invest in high-quality imagery, you’re actually doing your brand more harm than good. Make sure any image resolution is set to at least 300 dots per inch. Anything less is just broadcasting unprofessionalism to everyone within eyeshot!
  • Leverage the power of color. Adding a splash of color is a great way to improve your banner’s conspicuity. If possible, try to find the color the trade show venue’s walls and other “background elements” so that you can maximize contrast.Additionally, studies have shown that colors also influence office employee psychology, with different combinations capable of providing comfort, calmness, stimulation, and alertness (Kamaruzzaman & Zawawi, 2010). Match your banner colors to the “feel” of your brand–grey and black are “serious” colors, and blues are calming, whereas red and orange are eye-grabbing and energetic. If you need some additional assistance pairing your retractable banner display colors to your target audience and brand image, our team can help!

Free Retractable Banner Display Quotes

Ready to start your design and get your free retractable banner display quote?

Legendary Custom Signs shop is located at the intersection of Northern Virginia. We proudly serve all of Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier and Arlington counties, including the independent cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, City of Fairfax, Alexandria, and City of Falls Church, as well as the greater Washington, DC metro area.

Not a Northern Virginia local? No problem: as members of the Signworld business alliance, we also design and deliver retractable banner displays all over the United States via our Signworld alliance network.

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Kamaruzzaman, S. N., & Zawawi, E. M. A. (2010). Influence of employees’ perceptions of colour preferences on productivity in malaysian office buildings. Journal of Sustainable Development, 3(3), 283.


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