3 Tips for Designing Vehicle Wraps That Make Them Impossible to Ignore

vehicle wrap

When designing your company’s vehicle wraps, you have a lot to consider. You want your vehicles to stand out when on the road, but you also want to make them tasteful and communicate your messaging to your customers. This isn’t always easy to accommodate in one package, but with the right design features, it’s definitely possible. Here are three tips for designing vehicle wraps that will make them impossible for potential customers to ignore!

Go Bold

A vehicle wrap that isn’t bold isn’t likely to catch anyone’s attention. Remember, customers will be seeing your vehicle along with many other cars on the road, so you need to be original.

Some things to consider when determining how distinctive you want your design to be:

  • Text. People should be able to read your text from both far away and close up without struggling too much—this also makes it easy for the wrap to grab attention even when the vehicle isn’t moving, such as when it’s stopped or parked.

  • Colors. Be creative with your design and colors—remember, you want to get noticed and make people remember you! However, don’t go too bright or too dark with the colors, as they can clash and make your text harder to read.

  • Design. Remember that people are usually going to see your vehicle when it’s moving, so make your message simple, your graphics clear, and your design smart but not overcrowded—it will confuse and frustrate people if it has too much going on!

In general, less is more, especially when you want people to be able to remember your website or phone number so they can contact you later.

Capture Your Branding

Your vehicle wrap should be a representation of your company. You can include your business slogan, mascot, a picture of your team, or a quote that will inspire people to get in touch. Make people feel positive about your brand and motivated to work with you—you can achieve this regardless of what your business is.

Although you want to effectively capture your branding, do this more with graphics, colors, and design features than with words. Too many words can get distracting, and people won’t take the time to read it. Make your vehicle wrap clear to see and easy to understand so people can instantly get who you are and what you do, and make note of your contact information.

Work With a Professional

The best way to design an effective and visually striking vehicle wrap is to work with a professional signage company. These are people who have designed many vehicle wraps for all types of businesses and vehicles, and can help you bring out the design elements you need to make your vehicle wrap a success.

Look for a company that offers examples of vehicle wraps they’ve done so you can see their work and determine if it’s something you like. Signage professionals can take your business branding and transform it into a vehicle wrap that people can’t ignore!

Ready to Wrap Your Vehicle?

If you’re ready to design the perfect wraps for your business vehicles, contact us at Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics. Whether you have a car, truck, or van, we professionally design vehicle wraps to capture the best of your business and showcase it to the world. Call us at (571) 512-7446 today!


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