3 Tips for Designing Effective Business Storefront Signage

Storefront signage

Your storefront signage is an opportunity to extend your marketing reach and boost revenue. Effective business storefront signage is easy to identify, draws in customers, and helps people connect with and recognize your brand.

But designing the right storefront signage isn’t easy. Many business owners struggle to create a sign that’s not only truly representative of their business, but one that’s easy for customers to see and identify.

How can you have the most impactful sign while staying true to your branding? Here are three tips for designing effective business storefront signage!

It Starts With the Logo

The best logos are versatile, which is why every great sign starts with an eye-catching and well-designed logo. You’ll want to incorporate your logo into many different business items, but new business owners rarely think of signage when developing a logo.

If at all possible, consult with a professional sign designer when designing your logo. All too often, established businesses want to make a sign with their logo, but the logo doesn’t look good on anything other than a printed or one-dimensional product. You want your logo to be adaptable to upscale signage, such as dimensional signs, making it even more impactful and useful for your brand.

The colors of your logo are also crucial to the success of your sign. They need to stand out and get peoples’ attention without looking gaudy. Without the right colors and design, your logo—and consequently, your storefront signage—can be lost in the crowd.

Size Matters

People need to be able to read your sign even from a distance. It has to be legible at the most common viewing distances for your business location. Many businesses make the mistake of having signs that are too small for people to comfortably read at common distances, which leads to missed sale opportunities.

The size of your sign will depend on the viewing distance of your customers. Consider different angles people may be reading your sign from, whether or not traffic will be viewing your sign, and how easy your sign is to read when people are looking for your store but haven’t been there before.

Generally, one inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance is best for an easy-to-read and attractive sign. Properly-sized storefront signage is well worth the investment, as it ensures people can easily find you!

Don’t Overlook Illumination

While you may automatically assume you need illumination for your storefront sign, it really just depends on your objective. If your sign isn’t intended to attract walk-in customers and you’re located in a lighted industrial park, illumination may not be necessary.

However, if you’re a retail business that’s primary clientele is walk-in customers, your sign is an excellent marketing opportunity, and illumination can expand your reach to potential customers. Even if you aren’t open at night, illuminated signs are still a convenient and cost-effective way to advertise your business.

Need Help Designing the Best Storefront Signs?

Legendary Custom Signs & Graphics is your local signage company that handles everything from your logo design to effective storefront signage and illumination. Whether you’re a startup business or need a redesign of your current logo, we can help. Contact us today at (571) 512-7446 for a complimentary design consultation with our team!


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